Obama McCain Keyphrases Used On Search Engines

By Michael Dorausch, DC

Keyword research appears so 20/20 in hindsight that it can leave any news webmaster wondering why they didn’t use particular terms and phrases when creating their content in the first place. Politically related search traffic will undoubtedly reach an all-time high during the next 96 hours, and aside from the obvious searches for Obama polls and McCain polls, the potential combination of key phrases leading up to Tuesday’s election, is simply mind boggling.

Planetchiropractic.com is a chiropractic web site. That’s pretty obvious, but like any other website that provides news indexed across the Web, we receive a considerable amount of traffic for all sorts of keywords and phrases being searched. Today being the first of November (and being a Saturday) I peeked into our web hosting log files to see what kinds of search terms were resulting in visits to the site. From a list of 21,136 different keyphrases, I discovered more than 40 that were in some way related to Tuesday’s presidential election. We may never see these particular key phrases appearing on the site again, so I thought I’d share them. Perhaps we can revisit this post some day and learn something about what people were looking for online and what brought them here during the month previous to the 2008 presidential election.

traffic stats month of October 2008(photo: a screenshot showing traffic related statistics for days of the week during the month of October)

One thing I’ve discovered is that there are new Obama, McCain, and Palin key phrases being created at a lightning pace. While I don’t see many for Joe Biden (there was not a single Joe Biden key phrase in our search results), search phrases like obama aunt, palin prank, cheney endorses mccain, sarah palin prank call, palin first amendment, mccain snl, obama illegal aunt, obama aunt illegal, and others have only began appearing on search radar (Google Trends as one example) since late last night and early this morning.

News websites are volcanic with articles related to the search terms. And now that Halloween is over, the frantic explosion in politically related search traffic is likely to melt some servers and circuits by Wednesday morning. Pushing the polls, turning out the vote, battles for big states, red versus blue, my brain cells sizzle thinking of the ginormous number of new terms that are being generated each and every moment.

I wasn’t going to sift through all 21,000 plus key phrases, but I pulled out a hefty amount. The first 20 were the most popular Obama related search key phrases, and the additional 28 didn’t include the term Obama, but they were related to the 2008 election in some way. Take a look at these lists…

Searches related to Barack Obama – These are the 20 most popular “obama” search phrases for the month of October 2008.
obama chiropractic
barack obama.com
obama website
obama and chiropractic
barack obama website
barack obama
obama birth certificate
obama on chiropractic
www.obama .com
www obama.com
barak obama.com
plumbers for obama
chiropractic obama
chiropractors for obama
barack obama websites
www obama com
barack obama chiropractic

Searches related to Politics – These are the 28 most popular politically related search phrases for the month of October 2008.
joe the plumber seattle
mccain chiropractic
who won the vice presidential debate
who won the vp debate
who won vp debate
who won the vp debate?
who won the vice president debate
who won vice presidential debate
who won the vice presidential debate?
vice presidential debate
prop 8 polls
joe the plumber
ron paul
palin biden who won
mccain and chiropractic
vp debate
joe the plumber houston
proposition 8
mccain on chiropractic
vice presidential debate who won
who won vice president debate
joe the plumber keating
vp debate who won
don’t vote video
2008 election
chiropractors for mccain
who won the vice-presidential debate
california proposition 8

When I first wrote the article last year, I had no idea we’d be getting so much traffic for people performing “www.obama.com” related searches. The article, Barack Obama Presidential Campaign Website Success Secrets, has been by far the most popular, and it’s been really interesting to revisit and see how the Obama campaign web site has evolved since more than a year ago.

Following that particular article, these were the 8 politically related most popular news articles…

1) Barack Obama Gets a New Website
2) Barack Obama on Chiropractic and Medicare
3) Obama Public Benefit Package and Universal Health Care Plan to Include Chiropractic
4) Obama vs McCain and the Chiropractic Vote
5) Top 10 Health Professionals Contributing to Federal Candidates and Parties 2008
6) Chiropractors Long-Term Contribution Trends
7) Chiropractors Money Donated to Congress
8) Proposition 8 and others on California State Propositions

For the average person, this information undoubtedly is probably pretty boring and seemingly useless, but understanding its importance and learning how to apply the principles, can be of great benefit to many a news webmaster or blogger. Take for example the phrase obama chiropractic or mccain on chiropractic. I imagine the majority of those searches came from professionals within the industry. I also have to imagine searches like Obama dentists, Obama dentistry, dentists for Obama, McCain on dentists, McCain on nursing, Obama autism, etc. are being conducted as well. The webmasters, authors, and editors of web sites and blogs that are not providing answers to those searches, have likely been missing out in a big way.

Where is the trend going?
I’m sure there’s a ton of really bright people that have been working on this diligently. I can imagine the excitement that must be going on inside places like CNN newsrooms, MSNBC news rooms, FOX news, and the rest of the networks. The churn of words, terms, phrases, mixed with photos, video, and even audio clips, is building at a spectacular rate.

Just peeking a view at a news aggregator, the majority of what I’m seeing is related to big Tuesday. From my desktop I see… Obama cushions lead, voters have healthy skepticism, McCain seeks voter turnout, Obama energizes youth vote, Obama unaware of aunt immigration status, Schwarzenegger campaigns for McCain, Sarah Palin campaign experience, Sarah Palin Halloween, McCain defending Virginia, Obama double-digit margin polls, no Republican tricks at polls, and finally… McCain’s last grasp. The brain numbing reality is that refreshing the page returns differently organized set of news results and politically charged search phrases.

Wow, forget taking off on Tuesday, America may need to call in for a day off on Wednesday, to recoup from the world’s most watched, most reported on, political election ever.

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