Stepping Up To Help Rescue Workers

(ICA gets good press)

(NAPSI)-In response to the urgent needs of thousands of rescue and recovery workers, security and other personnel working at the Pentagon disaster site, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) mobilized its local member doctors to provide round-the-clock chiropractic care.

Immediately following the news of the multiple attacks on September 11, the ICA contacted all the agencies that would be responding to the crisis, as well as volunteer relief organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, offering chiropractic services to relief and recovery personnel. For ten days, 32 volunteer doctors of chiropractic worked in shifts to provide round-the-clock care to anyone who needed it.

ICA Chiropractors at Camp UnityThe police, fire and rescue chaplains of Greater Washington, DC area provided a tent at Camp Unity, the name of the relief village, set up in a parking lot near the Pentagon crash site. Patients included military personnel of all ranks and from all services, law enforcement, fire and rescue units as well as the hundreds of volunteers. According to the Department of Defense, by September 25th, the ICA had logged in more than 300 hours and seen nearly 1,500 patients.

“I am very proud of the response from ICA members to this tragedy and want to thank the many doctors for their willingness to serve their fellow men during this time of need,” said ICA President, Dr. D.D. Humber. “We will continue to do all we can as a profession and as an organization to provide needed care to those involved in the recovery effort.”

The International Chiropractors Association is the nation’s oldest national chiropractic organization. Established in 1926 it has approximately 6,000 members throughout the United States and abroad.

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To help meet the health care needs of rescue workers at the Pentagon, doctors of chiropractic worked round the clock for nearly two weeks. @ 6:39 am | Article ID: 1006267154