Time is on my side

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

The year is flying by already, and my wings are outstretched as Innate carries me high over the landscape of bigness, maximum potential and impact. But I get ahead of myself. (What else is new. I’m always ahead of myself, at least in my mind. What if I never catch up? What if I do? Is that when we die? Or when we begin to really live?)

One of my favorite songs as a kid was an early Rolling Stones hit; “Time Is On My Side”. That was 40 years ago! I’m not sure if it’s really on my side, but it’s on my mind, big time. Now that it hasn’t snowed in 2 weeks, and I actually have had time to do something other than shovel, I’m spending most of it getting on with my goals and intentions and some of it reflecting on the illusion that time represents. There never seems to be enough of it, and yet there is always somehow enough when unexpected things happen, like 19 feet of snow. Life is full, and maybe it’s as full as I choose to think it is. It continues to get fuller, and at the same time, as the moments and years go by, it continues to get chiseled and funneled and focused down into fewer and fewer things that are really important. (Hopefully you get the point, because it would be pointless to continue otherwise, and you could try sharpening the point until the cows come home, at which time you’ll have plenty of cows but still no point)

Anyway, the point is that 2005 feels very big. It feels so big that I don’t think a 12-month calendar can hold it. It feels like the year that you and I step totally and fully into our bigness, our power, our greatness. It feels like the year that chiropractic emerges from its self-inflicted coma and rises up and remembers its principle and changes the world. It feels like the year that the wheat and the chaff finally and completely part company. It feels like the year that the principle becomes the guiding light for billions of people on this globe. It feels like the year that you and I lead them from the darkness. Yes indeed, this is the year.

As the year unfolds, and time continues to play hide-and-seek with my mind, I will be remembering some ancient words of wisdom that Gary Stewart reminded us of at the last Sigafoose Gathering: “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is but a dream”. Thanks, Gary! I will remember to row my own boat as God steers, I will remember to go gently with the winds of Spirit, and I will remember to find joy in each moment as I co-create this dream I call my life. And then, whatever comes down the pike, be it snow or sleet or challenges or triumphs, I will be using my time to further my mission. Big time.

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