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SACRAMENTO — Recognizing the significance for patients and providers of national health care reform approved by Congress, with reconciliation legislation being signed today by President Barack Obama, California Chiropractic Association President Dr. Maia James, DC, issued the following statement:

“The landmark national health reform legislation recognizes doctors of chiropractic as valuable health care providers who offer critical primary care services while lowering overall health care costs by providing effective care that does not rely on expensive pharmaceutical drugs or often-unnecessary surgeries. As the federal legislation is implemented in California, my colleagues and I will be ready to assist the millions in our state who will soon gain access to care through this comprehensive legislation. Doctors of chiropractic look forward to focusing on cost-saving preventive care and to ensuring all patients have access to the care that best meets their needs.”

California Chiropractic Association Statement On National Health Care Reform
CA Chiropractic Association Statement on National Health Care Reform

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