More Antibiotic Misuse

A Yahoo News headline reads “Emergency Doctors Often Misuse Antibiotics”

According to the article, emergency room doctors are “inappropriately prescribing antibiotics” leading to even greater risks of drug-resistant infections.

A national survey revealed that during a one year period, one quarter of patients receiving antibiotics from emergency doctors had nothing more than a common cold, which are caused by viruses, the article stated.

According to the article, the “widespread and inappropriate use of antibiotics allows bacteria to get familiar with the drugs and then mutate into forms the drugs cannot kill.”

Basically, the innate intelligence of the bacteria responds to changes in it’s environment and then adapts to those changes in order to best serve it’s survival.

The article states that the prescribing of antibiotics for conditions such as the common cold, provide “ideal conditions for bacterial mutations.”

Ideal conditions for bacteria are not necessarily ideal conditions for you. How about providing ideal conditions for humans to comprehend and adapt to their environment?

Any drug regardless of potency, interferes with your natural ability to comprehend and function appropriately in your environment. Remove the interferences in your world and allow your innate intelligence to shine through.

Yahoo News: Emergency Doctors Often Misuse Antibiotics

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