Nothing is better than aspirin

Even though aspirin is often hailed as a wonder drug, some health care experts say you are better off without it.

A recent Fox News article titled “Aspirin: More Harm than Good?” points out that some sports medicine experts are concerned about the use of aspirin and ibuprofen in the care and management of sports related injuries.

According to the article, “reports that the drugs have caused serious side-effects in fit, healthy people are backed by a spate of scientific papers proving that popping even commonly used pills can be dangerous for sports enthusiasts.”

If you give drugs to healthy people and they get sick, what makes you think that giving those same drugs to sick people will make them healthier?

In the article, a sports injury and human performance specialist stated that “the use of conventional painkillers among exercisers is widespread but ill-advised” and it was further advised that anyone who takes part in sport, at whatever level, is not to use aspirin or NSAIDS.

According to the article, a physiologist stated that some people may take aspirin thinking it may enhance their sports performance yet, “they forget that it is more likely to cause internal bleeding and stomach ulcers, which will hardly make them run any faster.”

A statement made in the article that rings true with our chiropractic philosophy was that “some inflammation is a natural part of the body’s healing process, and by taking painkillers you are changing the normal path of things. You would be better off taking nothing.”

There are several cases of athletes suffering from the side effects of aspirin and/or NSAID use such as ulcers, bloody diarrhoea, kidney failure, and anemia, highlighted in the article. Visit the article link below to view it in full.

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