Chiropractic Opportunities and Expectations in Developing Nations

By Michael Harvey, D.C.

So you just graduated Chiropractic College or you have been practicing for the first half of your career somewhere else and now you are considering practicing in the Third World. Maybe you have had enough of the snow and ice or you have had all you can take of insurance and the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Chiropractor Harvey Adjusting

The intrigue of third world practice is that you will never have to process another insurance claim for the rest of your career, and no more malpractice premiums and annual license fees. And relatively no government. A freedom lover’s dream.

So you start reading the ads on Planet Chiropractic looking for an opportunity that pulls on you and you make the call or send your CV to the chain of clinics looking for good, competent spinal adjusters with their heads screwed on straight.

You already know what you want but will that match up with what the clinic is offering? Your challenge is to find out what the practice requires of you and do just that and no more. What you think you want must also be what that practice needs or you will be otherwise disappointed.

International clinic owners have developed a model for practice success or they wouldn’t have an opening for you. Never try to change your new employer’s practice model to what you used to do. Find out what they need you to do. Practice your new procedures, drill them with your new employer and perform them to the best of your ability and you will make a living.

So it might be helpful to find out what clinic owners are looking for as well as what they abhor and will not hire.

Here is what they want from you:

  • Excellent Manual Spinal Adjusting Skills
  • Professional Salesmanship Skills
  • Compliance with all Clinic Policies
  • Well Grounded in Chiropractic Philosophy
  • Excellent Patient Retention Skills
  • An Intense Desire to Excel and Perform at a High Level
  • An Outgoing and Caring Personality
  • Willingness to Participate in your Own PR
  • Practice Management
  • Must Work Closely with the Clinic Owner
  • Communications fully ‘IN’ with CA’s and Other Docs
  • Responds to all practice related emails from the Clinic Owner and other staff
  • Knows how to Communicate

What Clinic Owners Don’t Want; What will make them put you on a raft and push you off to Cuba:

Wanna’ know what we don’t want the most? Idiots who never took a seminar! If you think the term “Practice Management” is profanity, there is a job opening for you in fast food. If you haven’t done a year long practice management program like David Singer, you are doomed to fail in chiropractic. That is the education you never got in Chiropractic College. That is the most important part of your chiropractic education.

We don’t want belligerent doctors who can’t be coached; re-read “put you on a raft” above.

And do you want to know what ideal the clinic owner values the most? Your Loyalty.

We want confident, loyal doctors who push power to each other and CAs to get our product: a room full of patients. Nothing else matters. When stats drop, and they sometimes will, you know what you have to do to build them back up again. You go out on your lunch break and put up another 40 posters in businesses across town. Below, you can see the poster we use which has drawn hundreds of new patients into our offices the easy way. The more posters you put up, the busier you get! Go, Go, Go, you little rabbit!

Dr Harvey Kingston Poster

In the Law of Cause and Effect, you choose which one you are.

Give your employer what he wants and he will give you what you want, a successful career as a doctor of chiropractic.

In our offices in Jamaica, our doctors earn 40% of their collections and get paid every day. With incentives, our doctors can earn 50% on days of high production. Last year our doctors got 80% of the profit of the practice! This is the best opportunity you will find so send us your CV!

This video demonstrates a comfortable osseous adjustment.

Michael Harvey, D.C.,
Founder, Dr. Harvey’s Chiropractic Centers, Jamaica

We are always expanding and looking for experienced doctors with great adjusting skills who have done high volume and taken practice management. Discover freedom, live in a tropical paradise and leave insurance behind forever!

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