Chiropractic Classifieds Best Practices

I have been reviewing chiropractic classifieds on the planet chiropractic web site since the 1990s. The classified section is a popular feature on planet chiropractic and it is used by thousands in the chiropractic profession. While many may visit, not all ads get viewed equally. This post is about ways to improve your listings so that more people can potentially view what it is you’re trying to promote and or sell in the classified section.

I am just going to address one section of the classifieds, chiropractic practices for sale in the US, since that tends to be one of the most popular categories visited. Thanks to my install of synergy, I am viewing the page on an additional monitor, which allows me to write about the page without having to switch back and forth in my browser.

The titles of practices for sale will change from the time I wrote this, so if you’re visiting the classified page or click on the image below you’ll probably see something different from what I’m writing about here, but the concepts will still apply.

When someone views this section (US practices for sale) on planet chiropractic classifieds we get information on the ads such as date posted, subject, location, and photo. (I’ll discuss photos in another post) For each ad there is then about 500 characters (word count) of content before the “more”tag.

As I am viewing the page, in the subject section, I see the following as the top six headlines…

Wellness Based Practice in Chicago
Affordable, growing practice for sale
Principled Practice – Honesdale, PA
Centreville Virginia Practice
Awesome Family Wellness Practice
Practice for Sale

Now remember, there is a location tag next to each headline, so the ad for the practice in Chicago has the location of Chicago, Illinois. The ad for “practice for sale” has a location tag of Clearwater, Florida. That is the ad I want to address.

Here is a clipped screenshot with some of the information on my screen. Notice the subject and location tags at the top of the image. When browsing the web page you will see those tags, but when searching from Google, MSN, or other search engines, you may only pick up on the information in the subject headline or content in the description.

chiropractic practices for sale

While most of those headlines were well done with good information it’s important to remember that not all people coming to the classified ad pages are browsing. Many first-time visitors to the web site are coming via search engine queries. The user that has a practice for sale in Clearwater would significantly increase the odds of their ad being viewed through a search engine query if they would have titled their headline… “Practice for sale Clearwater Florida” or “Chiropractic Practice Clearwater Florida” instead of the general headline they used.

The same ad is not using all the available space in the description area, which will also affect the odds that the ad will be found using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. A good practice is to include as much relevant detail as possible. When placing a chiropractic practice for sale ad you should be thinking about what you would be seeking if you were the one trying to locate a practice in a particular area.

From some of the ads I see on the screen now, relevant content I’m viewing in various ads includes: practice volume (how many patients are being seen), type of practice (personal-injury clinic or wellness office), techniques patients are accustomed to (diversified, activator, Gonstead), location distance from other major cities (New York, Philadelphia, Chicago), etc.

In summary, when posting a practice for sale ad…
1) create the most relevant headline you can (include location if possible)
2) include the city and state in the location area
3) include as much relevant information in the description area to increase your ads potential of being found via search engine queries.

Happy Selling, Buying and Browsing!