Chiropractic Office Born in Murrieta, CA 92562

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. James Von Hipple, a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California, opened an office this month in the town of Murrieta, which is part of Southern California’s Inland Empire. I attended chiropractic school with the new Murrieta Chiropractor and I asked him to take some before and after photos when he built out his new location.

Dr. Von Hipple e-mailed me some photographs that span from March 17, 2008 up until May 29, 2008, showing the transformation of a rectangular office space into a advanced chiropractic healing center.

photo 1 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

Chiropractor James Von Hipple preparing the floors in his freshly leased chiropractic office space.

photo 2 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

Priming the walls and preparing to paint the office.

photo 3 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

MAC stands for Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic (painting should be fun)

photo 4 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

March 25, 2008 – The walls are painted and there’s even a place to sit and enjoy a bottled water.

photo 5 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

Wow, this place looks a lot better with the lights on. Beginning to come together nicely but it’s still an open rectangle space without any set adjusting areas.

photo 6 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

April 20, 2008 – framing to create adjusting areas begins. Notice the blue covered high low chiropractic adjusting table in the background.

photo 7 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

Drywall goes up and this healing center is beginning to take shape. Looks to me like they’ll be plenty of room for people to get up and down the walkway and into each adjusting area.

photo 8 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

Here is the first view from the outside. Unit 118 located at… 41539 Kalmia Street, Murrieta, CA 92562

The sign above simply reads Grand Opening Chiropractic

photo 9 of 9 - Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic

May 29, 2008 – Dr. James Von Hipple standing behind the front desk of his new chiropractic office. By the looks of the photo it appears he already has clipboards ready to see new patients.

A larger sized version of the above photo set is available here. This chiropractor’s office is located on Kalmia Street, which is just off of Jefferson Avenue, and nearby City Hall in Murrieta. I’m going to grab myself some pizza from Bob’s Murrieta Pizza and then get adjusted by my old schoolmate.

Congratulations to Dr. Von Hipple on the opening of his new office, and the selling of his former practice which was located in upstate Washington. If you’re a resident in the southwestern California areas of Temecula or Murrieta, be sure to stop in and say hi to Dr. James Von Hipple. He is a great chiropractor and a caring individual.

Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic Center
41539 Kalmia Street, Suite 118, Murrieta, CA 92562

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