Chiropractor Prepares for Grand Opening near Temecula

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The city of Murrieta California has a new chiropractor. Dr. James Von Hipple recently moved back to the state after practicing for several years in the area of northern Washington. Dr. Von Hipple and his family chose the 92562 area for a place to raise their two children and build a chiropractic practice.

Grand Opening Chiropractic(photo: front entrance to the new Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic Center, located on 41539 Kalmia Street)

This new Murrieta Chiropractor is no stranger to the California area. He attended Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCCLA) in Los Angeles and graduated in 1999. He met his wife in Southern California and they moved to northern Washington, where he developed and maintained a thriving practice in the city of Bellingham. Missing the California sunshine, the couple and their two children decided to make it a go back in California. They chose the southwestern area of Murrieta, which borders on the city of Temecula, known for its wineries and festivals.

A large number of Murrieta residents commute to jobs in San Diego and Orange County, and the area has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of California. Interstate 15 passes through both Murrieta and Temecula and the 215 (Escondido Expressway) begins in the same area, connecting other Riverside, California cities such as Sun City, Perris, and Moreno Valley.

Dr. Von Hipple’s Advanced Chiropractic Center is located on Kalmia Street, just off of Jefferson Avenue. It’s nearby both the 15 (Temecula Valley Freeway) and the 215, and I’m told there’s plenty of parking available. The new chiropractic center is located less than a half a mile away from Lowe’s hardware on Madison Avenue and it’s just around the corner from City Hall, which is at One Town Square on Jefferson Avenue. Contact information is as follows…

Dr. James Von Hipple, D.C.
Murrieta Advanced Chiropractic Center
41539 Kalmia Street, Suite 118, Murrieta, CA 92562

Planet Chiropractic congratulates this fine chiropractor on the opening of his new practice. If you’re a resident in Riverside County, or commute to the area from either San Diego or Orange counties, be sure to drop by and introduce your spine to Dr. James Von Hipple. @ 10:05 pm | Article ID: 1212296726