Focus the East Coast – DCS the West Coast

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Two chiropractic events taking place this week that deserve the attention of this blog are Sharon Gorman’s Focus Chiropractic Event in Pennsylvania, and DCS in Newport Beach, California. The Focus event takes place at the Howard Johnson hotel in Bartonsville Pennsylvania on Saturday, December 6th. DCS December takes place Wednesday night, December 3rd. More information on the FOCUS meeting here.

The above photograph was taken at a DCS earlier this year (either the Patrick Gentempo event or the Fred Schofield event) and it features chiropractors (or soon to be chiropractors) Christopher Vargas, Lance Cohen, Billy DeMoss, and Adana Moses.

One thing that the East Coast Focus and West Coast DCS have in common is chiropractic community. It has been my opinion for many years now that it’s really important for chiropractors to hang out together. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if your practice is a subluxation based practice, or a manipulation under anesthesia facility, you’re better off hanging out with people that share common goals, principles, and ideals.

I don’t know if the MUA crowd actually gets together for beers now and then but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. I’ve been to lots of Focus events (on the East Coast and on the West Coast) but I certainly haven’t had my share. Every time I hang out with the chiropractors that attend Sharon’s meetings, I get blown away by their commitment to the practice and principles of chiropractic.

West Coast chiropractors are a different breed but there are definitely those that are excited as hell to be doing what they do. I like when East Coast chiropractors (like Joe Accurso) are invited to the West Coast to speak at DCS. It’s a rather inspirational experience.

But inspiration without perspiration is pretty much a crappy situation to be in, so it’s good to see that DCS folks continue to do these events on a regular basis, and that chiropractors are serving more people in the communities surrounding Orange County as a result.

Nobody should be missing out on the DCS 2009 California jam, and local California chiropractors would benefit greatly from coming to hang out on DCS Wednesday night clubhouse events. Even if you disagree with those speaking, the odds are pretty darn good that you’ll have some rewarding conversation with at least one other local chiropractic practitioner that’s in attendance.

Isn’t fellowship what it’s all about?