chiropractor contact information

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There must be dozens of different ways to contact me. I’m sure the experience is similar for you. Most of us have that primary e-mail address, then there’s the e-mail address used when we want to mark things sent as spam, and e-mail addresses used when not communicating with friends and family. I estimate I have about a dozen different e-mail addresses that get used regularly, I just don’t get a chance to check them on a daily basis.

Earlier this year I had a new business card created that didn’t have any information from my chiropractic office on it. Since we’ve handed out thousands upon thousands of cards from my office, people have often called me for Internet questions, marketing information, or other stuff I wouldn’t consider related to my chiropractic business. So for 2008 I had the new card created.

I used one of those online business card making sites (cards arrived in about a week) to put together this simple card with several ways to contact me. It’s interesting that since I had the cards made I’ve discovered messaging me via twitter is probably one of the best ways to get in touch. You can also send me e-mail but I sometimes don’t check it for several days at a time, especially when traveling. You can call me on my cell phone but I almost never answer it during chiropractic office hours (Monday through Friday). Sending me a message on Twitter however, will typically get noticed (my apologies if for some reason I have not replied to you yet).

Sending information via snail mail is actually still very effective, especially when it’s handwritten. I think that the majority of chiropractors that took the time to personally mail me stuff in 2008, got mentions in the news, posts on this blog, and other types of thank you replies.