Local Custom Chiropractic Upholstery

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Earlier this year I began the search for an upholstery service that could do custom work on the chiropractic tables in my office. I knew that companies existed doing work for chiropractors, but I was having a difficult time finding anybody serving the Los Angeles area. Proof that postcard marketing still works, I received this upholstery postcard from Roy’s Upholstery in North Hollywood California. I called him for an estimate.

Since it was the year-end I wanted to get all the tables in the office redone. We were fortunate that a lot of people were adjusted in the office during 2008 a new table upholstery was overdue.

Roy showed up at our office I believe on a Wednesday or Thursday. He had brought along hundreds of different color swatches and materials for covering tables. All the tables in the office were currently shades of navy blue but I was thinking of going silver and black for chiropractic 2009.

One of the adjusting tables was a Galaxy model adjusting bench that didn’t have any moving parts or raisable head piece. I wanted the foam customized so that there was more room for breathing when patients were lying face down. Nothing sucks like being uncomfortable when preparing for a chiropractic adjustment.

Roy’s custom upholstery was able to modify the head piece so there was more room for patients faces. So far we’ve had really good reports on using this table, and everyone’s commented on how good they look in black.

We also had a Lloyd Thompson drop table that had about seven different pieces that used foam and were covered with vinyl. When this table came back it looked brand new and I was real pleased with it. We also had a Hill adjusting table that was fully reupholstered as well. That one turned out to be quite a project since it has numerous parts and computerized components built in.

The work on all three tables was done over the weekend with some final finishing being done in the office on a Sunday evening. That worked out perfect for us since we see patients on Monday morning.

One of the first people getting adjusted that day was a local chiropractor who asked about the new tables. I gave him Roy’s information (818-272-9676 for those of you in the Los Angeles area) and I heard he later had all of his chiropractic tables reupholstered as well.

Talking to Roy, he told me he pretty much works locally in the Los Angeles County area. He does custom commercial and residential upholstery including antique and modern furniture, restaurant upholstery, orthopedic and physical therapy clinics, custom gym equipment, hair salon furniture, and miscellaneous items such as barbershop chairs. I was really happy with his prices and work ethic and would be happy to recommend him to anyone seeking custom upholstery work in the LA area.

Chiropractic Upholstery Near You – Well that is great for those of us in the Los Angeles area, but what if you’re needing custom upholstery services in other parts of the US? I did quite a bit of searching for companies and individuals that did custom upholstery work for chiropractic offices, and I didn’t find any organized list. If you have somebody to recommend in your local area, go ahead and post their information in the comments, and I’ll add them to a list of upholstery services for chiropractors.