Palmer’s Florida Campus to Construct Third Building

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The Florida Campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic is growing… again. The Palmer College Board of Trustees approved a plan in September to construct a two-story, 14,000-square-foot building with a budget of $4 million on the Port Orange campus, located at 4777 City Center Parkway. The new building will significantly expand support services for the campus’ nearly 750 students. Construction is expected to begin in early 2011, following approvals by the City of Port Orange.

Conceptual drawing of the new third building on Palmer's Florida Campus
Conceptual drawing of the new third building on Palmer’s Florida Campus
Developed by the Palmer College senior administration, this campus-improvement plan is a response to growing functional needs on the seven-year-old campus. The last time the campus was expanded was in October 2004, when construction was completed on a second classroom building to accommodate the growing student body’s needs.

“We are committed to enhancing the campus environment for our current and future students, which will support their overall educational experiences at Palmer College,” said Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D. “This investment is all about ensuring continued success in our academic and student programs.”

The new facility, tentatively referred to as Building Three, will provide flexible room formats suitable for student assemblies, large group seating, final examination testing, annual Homecoming activities and other campus events. It also will accommodate a relocated and expanded food service area, and the bookstore.

The announcement of this campus addition comes just three months after the College began a major, multi-phase renovation of its clinical education facility, the Palmer Chiropractic Clinics, located in the Allen Green Civic Center.

“Realigning and expanding our space on campus, as well as in our clinic, allows us to offer services that we, quite simply, weren’t able to fully accommodate in the past,” said Florida Campus President Peter Martin, D.C. “As a result, we will be in a better position to serve our student population, which has grown at an incredible rate from the time we opened our doors in 2002.” @ 7:11 am | Article ID: 1286892704