Teenagers and Health on the Net

A recent survey suggests that many high school students are using the Internet to find answers to their many health questions, as noted in an article on Yahoo News. Nearly half of teenagers surveyed were looking for information related to personal use and more than two-thirds were looking for information involving school projects.

Among the most frequently researched topics were diet, exercise, and sexual behavior. Boys were just as likely as girls to search the Internet for answers to their health related questions.

One quote from the article reads “kids realize what a resource the Internet can be. They are very savvy and understand what they can get from the Internet, more so then adults.”

The above statement is one that should not be dismissed. I have answered many emails from teenagers asking me questions related to chiropractic during the past few years and I have spoken with several chiropractic college presidents about it. Teenagers are looking for information related to health on the Internet. We as a profession should be looking for ways to help increase awareness among teenagers as to the benefits of chiropractic care as well as to the benefits of choosing chiropractic as a career.

If teens are accessing increased healthcare information on the internet, would it not be wise to see that a wealth of information is provided that focuses on a drug-free Chiropractic lifestyle?

Yahoo News: Teens Turn to Internet for Health Answers

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