Pray for the Honor to Serve

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Service is the rent you pay for room on this earth. — Shirley Chisholm

Service is action. It is what you do with all this self realization and growth and connection with God that we work on developing. What actually comes out of you and goes out into the world.

I was involved in a service organization years back and their policy about volunteering was that if you didn’t get more back from volunteering than you were putting out then you were no longer needed to volunteer. It is often said that you get back ten fold at least what you put out, back. Hopefully that is not why we serve. Yet that isn’t a bad motivator either.

When I speak late Saturday night or Sunday morning at a seminar I often tell everyone that nothing has changed at home because you were here. Everyone you left home is probably in a similar head space as they were when you left. If something is going to change in your practice on Monday it is because you changed and that something that changed in you thereby changes the dynamics of your office and the things that are done in your office and the essence in which they are done.

The bottom line for me boils down to what energy is projected in my office. I mean I know it all starts between my ears yet what the world cares about is what can come out of me and out to them in the form of service. As a result of being at a good seminar I might return with fresh Public Relation ideas. I might come home after hearing other people who are made of the same stuff as I am be able to tap into their inner strength and create a practice that inspires me and gives me the courage and confidence to create a large practice for myself.

The change that occurs in me translates into creating systems in my practice that better serve my practice and the community. I can see myself serving more people because I see other people that have done it and it becomes a more real vision for me and I can then do what it takes to make it happen.

The biggest gift for me in serving is the feeling that I get when I am serving. I love when I get out of my own head and project my energy onto helping another person. Nothing makes me happier than when my practice is hopping and I am so busy taking care of people that I don’t have time to worry about the people that aren’t there. I get so lost in service that I feel like I am an instrument of God being used for his good to serve my fellow person. That is truly a high for me. I like when I have no time between patients and the only thing that I have time to do during office hours is take care of patients. That is my prayer in the car as I drive to the office. Dear God use me today. I pray to live an innate life and live God’s will not Sharon’s will. I pray for the honor to serve. @ 3:19 pm | Article ID: 1019686769