Hepatitis Vaccine Study Rigged

Is it the first time, is it the last time, does it happen all the time? These are questions you may be asking after reading the following article.

The Boston Globe reported last week that a scientist involved in a Hepatitis C vaccine study had admitted to rigging part of the research project and had fabricated data involved in the same project.

Co-authors involved in the vaccine study stated that they were not aware of the scientists actions. They referred to the falsification of data as a “serious problem.”

A paper based on the vaccine study had appeared in the January 4, 2000 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A retraction is expected to be published in the next issue. Researchers are concerned and there is evidence that retractions such as these are occurring with more frequency.

Is this an isolated case? Or is this one of those cases of “it’s only illegal if you’re caught?” People are falsifying data on scientific studies for things such as vaccines which will potentially be put into millions of bodies across the planet. Conflict of interest? You better believe there is a conflict of interest.

Your Health Daily: Hepatitis Vaccine Study Rigged; Report Retracted

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