Pre-Medicine for Pre-Problems

By Darrel Crain, D.C.

You’ve got to love the pharmaceutical companies, they are so genuine in their concern for our health, they are actually “pre-concerned”! What does this mean, you may be asking yourself?

Well, they have figured out that many millions of us walking around here in the United States actually have “Pre-hypertension.” They recommend we begin taking care of it right now before it becomes actual hypertension.

And guess what? They’ve been studying this major problem very carefully, and have discovered the drug treatment we need to help make sure pre-hypertension stays in the “pre” stage.

Here’s the amazing part, the drugs that are needed to treat this terrible epidemic that we didn’t even know about have been right under our nose the whole time! That’s right, the very same drugs that we’ve been using to treat actual hypertension will work on pre-hypertension. What a relief! Forget about waiting while they waste all that time and money on drug trials and focus groups to find just the right drug to treat this new disease, the drugs are already available.

Do you suppose the drug companies realize the gold mine they may be sitting on here? Have they pre-considered how much money could be made selling drugs to people for a whole host of pre-problems that might become actual problems later? People who know they have a pre-problem would already be taking the medicine, so maybe they would need to just up the dose.

I’m just wondering though, what if I’ve got some other stuff going on that I don’t know about? Should I take some medication for pre-headaches and pre-constipation?

I think a whole new medical specialty is needed to handle a problem of this magnitude. Doctors in this new specialty will be trained to pre-diagnose pre-diseases so they can prescribe pre-medicine. Of course, they will also need to know when to refer for possible pre-surgery. I guess the only question left is, “Who will pre-pay for all this?”

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