Save a Life Today

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was flying home from Florida, after a weekend at the Gathering and attending a chiropractic wedding, and a thought kept coming to mind… “be proactive, be proactive, be proactive”

For more than two years I have been reporting on stories of needless death, injury, drug use, vaccine reactions, etc… and I realized I needed a reminder and thought perhaps you did too.

We hear continuous news from the media about prescription drugs, the cost of those drugs, the war on illicit drugs, and how it has failed miserably. We also hear many proclaim that if the desire for illicit drugs (the cause) was removed, we would have less drug problems than we do today.

It becomes easy to get caught up in the whole mix of media, commercials, news reports, etc… and among all this noise we may have forgotten something… you will save someone’s life today.

Whether you are a chiropractor, a CA, a chiropractic advocate, practice member, patient, whatever, if you are telling others then this applies to you.

How many did not get cancer today because of you? How many did not develop diabetes? How many babies were born from mothers that could not conceive? How many bad hearts began to heal? How many dogs did not get put down? How many flushed their old drugs down the toilet? How many former asthmatics made the football team? How many enrolled in chiropractic college? How many did not get a pill or shot or potion or lotion because, thanks to you, they now live a chiropractic lifestyle that is free from needless drugs and surgeries? How many?

Yes, the news reports tell us about medical error deaths equivalent to 3 jumbo jets crashing every day (that’s only in the US) and that is a tragedy. But have you looked down the runway lately? What about the hundreds of other jets waiting to take off? The jets that are packed with your people, free from subluxation and expressing life to it’s fullest. Those are the jets you pilot.

You will save someone’s life today. Don’t minimize that, don’t trivialize it, don’t take it for granted, and most of all – don’t forget it. @ 12:24 pm | Article ID: 1000149848