24 Ways to Get New Patients

By Dr. Gene Orlowski
Comments in blue by Dr. Rick Wren

Initial Telephone Contact
1. On initial telephone contact, the CA not only asks for basic information, but “Who referred you to this office?” You can also ask “Is this appointment for you or your entire family?”

Initial Visit
2. When your CA makes initial personal contact, she would introduce herself, greet the new patient and comment on who referred them to the office.
3. Your history form should ask who referred the patient in for care.
4. The history form should ask how many children the patient has and their ages.

5. The Doctor makes a positive comment about who referred the patient.
6. Hereditary possibilities – “Does anyone else in your family suffer from the same or similar problems?”
7. Ask when was the last time your children had a spinal screening exam.

8. Be sure to invite the spouse to the report of findings. Strongly encourage, because there are serious health issues to be decided on.

Report of Findings
9. Three card technique – Give the patient three of your cards. One has your home phone number on it , the other two are to give to friends or family who may need care. We tell our patients that if they get there immediate family in within 7 days, that we will pay for there x-rays and exams.
10. Encourage the spouse to come to Spinal Care Class or any friends that may want to learn more about chiropractic. We tell our patients they should bring a close friend or family member to be their Coach.
11. Generate a referral letter to the referral source acknowledge and thanking them for the referral.
12. Call the referral source and personally thank them for their referral.
13. Complimentary office visit Gift Certificate-send as a thank you and satisfy the laws of compensation.
14. Spinal Care Class- a great opportunity to increase your new patients. Educate, then ask for new patients. Have an emotional close with a special offer to examine friends and family if they schedule that night or within 7 days, which ever you prefer.
15. Tell your regular patients about a case of the day. Then ask if they know any similar cases or others that should come out, then give them a referral pack.
16. Have business cards printed up for your staff.
17. Educate your patients that chiropractic is for families.
18. Offer complimentary screenings for children.
19. As soon as a patient begins to feel better and get excited about their results and ask them if they have told others. Offer them a referral pack.
20. Hand out 5 health tracks to patient’s within the first 30 days of care.
21. Re-examine patients regularly-It brings you back in touch with patients (PTC) and is good opportunity to ask for new patients. At the report we give them a card, that they can give to a friend, so they can get exam and x-rays at a reduce rate.
22. Have signs in your office which encourage referrals.
23. Have a referral board in your reception room.
24. Educate your patients that chiropractic is preventive and that chiropractic can add years to your live and life to your years.
Drs. Gene Orlowski and Rick Wren are both speakers at The Parker Chiropractic Seminars. You can visit the Parker Seminar website at: www.parkerseminars.com

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