Blogging is the way to get traffic to my site

The following is Part #2 of a 4 part audio transcribing (part #1 is here) of an interview with Michael Dorausch, founder of Planet Chiropractic. The audio was transcribed from a phone interview which focused on marketing and tips for building traffic to one’s website.

Sock Puppets planetc1(photo: Sock puppets may not bring as much traffic as you’d hope.)

Andrew: Okay, so that’s one of the issues that I see out there. People will launch a new site. They will say “I know that blogging is the way to get traffic to my site, get new credibility and get more attention.”  They blog, their family goes to the site for the first month, and then nobody’s there. Right? And even family stops going. What do those people do to build up their sites? You’re saying one thing is to go out there and get links to the site?

Mike: They can go out there and get links. And one of the best ways to get links that I’ve found, a good credible way to get links, is to write content for others.

Andrew: What does that mean? For my readers or write it for other writers?

Mike: For other writers. Let’s say I go to your site, do you have a blog?

Andrew: I do, I just recently launched one.

Mike: So let’s say I come to you and I say “hey Andrew I’ll tell you what. I’ve been writing on the internet for 10 years now, how about I write a nice detailed article on how to start up a news site that will drive traffic? Would you like that on your site? And what I’ll do is offer that and give that to you, and as a result I get a bio and a link. And so in that link we get the link from your site. Now for me it would be kind of backwards because if your site is new I would want to try to get on a site that’s established.

Andrew: Okay, but if I’m a new blogger, what you’re suggesting is one thing I do is I go out and I offer to write articles for other bloggers in return for them putting up my profile and the link back to my site and that’s how I get more links back to my site.

Mike: Yes. Yes, that’s one easy way and it’s very well understood in the circles of the blogosphere where people say “you know if you write good content and you want to guest post for my site, sure we’ll give you a link” because it’s nice reciprocity there.

Andrew: See this is extremely helpful. What else can people do? You’ve got a new site, you want more links to your site, what else can you do?

Mike: I was looking on my site, I had four points. First of all you’re excited about what you do. So that’s obvious, you want to be the expert. You go looking for these places that you can write for. And you can ask for links. And that’s an obvious one that people skip.

Andrew: So I go to blogs that are out there or I go to other sites?

Mike: Yeah, if you go to blogs, you’re not necessarily going to get links. I mean, if anybody emails me and says can you give me a link to my site, I’m pretty much going to delete that. You know, and I get emails like that every day. How you will get links is “this could be in our list of secrets” if you want to get someone’s attention? What’s a nice way to get somebody’s attention. Certainly not by sending someone an email saying give me a link. But even though your blog is new, if it’s a blog and it’s indexed anywhere, you can do a nice job by saying: seven people in Los Angeles that I think are incredible at what they do. You write about those seven people and you find out either their blogs, twitter accounts, websites or whatever and you link to them. So now, here you are going across the internet and you go, wow Mike wrote this article about me and it says that I’m a great speaker and a great organizer and I put on fantastic events and I’m a good community builder and you go wow, this guy, you know I should link back to this. And you’re going to have a section on your site where you’ll say, hey check this out.

Andrew: Okay, so I find the people who are most interesting in my area and I blog about them, maybe put together a top seven list and?

Mike: Yeah, you could do a top seven list, which is easy because you could hit seven different people. So off the top of my head if I was going to do that, if I was going to do a top seven list, you’d be on that list and I’d talk about what you’ve been doing in Los Angeles. I would put Nicole Jordan on the list, I would put Brian Deegan on the list. You know go down the list and say wow, these are people that are really influencing others in the area. These are the people behind the scenes that are helping to make things happen.

Andrew: And they will link back to me?

Mike: Well, not only will they link back to you, even if they don’t link back to you, it sure is a nice start.

Andrew: Because now I’ve got their attention at least?

Mike: Yes, because now we have that law of reciprocity, you’ve got their attention and you’re saying nice things about them. Now when you see Nicole or Brian at a meeting, they’ll likely mention it. Hey I saw that article you wrote about me, you know, that was great. In fact, it’s interesting you mentioned this because this was my news article just yesterday. Yesterday I had an article that featured in my news and I linked to about a dozen people throughout the nation. Half of them chiropractors and half of them non-chiropractors. And at the end of the day I received an email from one of the guys already saying thank you so much for writing about me, and I noticed that he had a link to my site. So it goes to show that this stuff works, and it works quickly.

Andrew: Okay so first thing is I go and offer to blog on other people’s sites. The second thing is I write top ten lists or top seven lists about influential, interesting people. And at the very least it gets me noticed by them and hopefully it gets them to link to me. What else can I do to get links to my site?

This is the end of Part #2. Part #3 will focus on Linkbait.