Chiropractors Provide 24/7 Care to Recovery Workers at Pentagon Disaster Site

The International Chiropractors Association reports that a group of chiropractors are providing care to rescue and recovery workers at the disaster site of the Pentagon. On the day of the tragedy, the ICA began contacting local, state and federal agencies that would be responding to the crisis, as well as volunteer relief organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army, offering chiropractic services to all who would be in need.

In Washington, D.C., the ICA was asked to provide chiropractic services to Pentagon rescue and security personnel. The ICA responded along with the help of many chiropractors volunteering their services and they have been providing chiropractic adjustments at “Camp Unity” ever since. According to reports, “Camp Unity” is the name given to the relief village that has been established next to the crash site. Chiropractors have been providing care twenty-four hours per day.

Tent space has been provided by the Public Safety chaplains of greater Washington and more than two dozen chiropractic volunteers have been working long shifts to adjust all who need chiropractic care at the Pentagon site.

According to Dr. Coralee Van Egmond, the ICA’s Professional Development Director, “The response has been tremendous and reflects the vital need for the unique services doctors of chiropractic provide. In sometimes harsh conditions, our DCs have given care to as many as 300 a day, and have worked ten and twelve hour shifts that last long into the night and early morning hours.”

The International Chiropractors Association has also been providing logistical and financial support to the New York Chiropractic Council who have been coordinating efforts for the care provided at the scene of the WTC in New York City.

Dr. D.D. Humber, President of the ICA expressed his support, “We continue to pray for the families of the victims and will work to do all we can as a profession and as an organization to provide needed care to those involved in every aspect of the recovery effort, both in Washington and in New York.”

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