Will Chiropractic Survive?

By Shawn Powers, D.C.

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you.” – St. Augustine

In a recent conversation, one of our greats and a personal mentor made the shocking statement that he does not believe chiropractic will survive. My thoughts turned to all of my dear brothers and sisters adjusting, loving, and educating day in and day out. I thought of the years I have spent in chiropractic and all the families I have had the privilege to serve, and of our booming practice, I thought of all the successes my clients are having and all the dreams I have for our profession. I thought of all the lives around the world affected by chiropractic and I had to outright disagree with him.

He contends that chiropractic will not survive because so many in our profession desire to do other things, to treat the effects of body dysfunction, to ignore or deny the chiropractic principles and call it chiropractic. He asserts that a lot of chiropractors do other things besides chiropractic because of financial challenges.

I am committed to not only the survival of chiropractic but that chiropractic will thrive and flourish. Now is the best time and the right time. I have no doubts or fears, I am certain. So many dedicated chiropractors agree on the principles and purpose of chiropractic. It doesn’t matter what others do, it matters what I do. I will lead by example and stay in close contact with those of like mind and purpose I will work as everything depends on me.

Success Tips
1) Visit a successful principled chiropractic office and see what you can model.
2) Go to a principled chiropractic seminar or philosophy meeting this month and bring another chiropractor with you. Then keep going to chiropractic events.
3) Evaluate if your practice is congruent with the purpose and principles of chiropractic. If not explore why not and get help.
4) Have lunch with a principled chiropractor.
5) Plan at least one effective monthly internal and external promotion.
6) Improve your procedures and communication to increase your ability to inspire, influence, motivate, and educate your practice members.
7) Encourage others to consider chiropractic as a career.
8) Join one of our chiropractic associations.
9) Donate to the chiropractic college of your choice.

Until we meet again, may angels guard and guide you, may beauty surround you, and love enfold you, and all God’s blessings be yours. I am yours in guarding the sacred trust,

Dr. Shawn Powers

Editors Note: Are you committed? Print this page and live it.

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