Chiropractor Giving Away Nintendo Wii Fit

by Daria Belov

Nintendo released their Wii Fit in the U. S. on Wednesday, which was followed by a ton of press about computer games and fitness, and a ginormous amount of social chatter from consumers just crazy to get their hands on this latest addition to the Wii Console. Chiropractor Michael Dorausch, (founder of Planet Chiropractic) ordered a Wii Fit back in early April, and just yesterday he decided to give it away. That’s right, the crazy chiropractor is giving away his brand-new, still in the box, ready to be shipped, Wii Fit.

With all the discussion going on about using the Wii Fit for exercise, developing better posture, and improving balancing techniques, Dr. Mike figure he’d purchase a unit for the Planet Chiropractic office. But when it arrived on Wednesday, there was so much chatter going on inside various online communities from people wondering where and when they were going to be able to get a Wii Fit for themselves, that Dr. Mike decided to give his away to one lucky blog commenter.

Wii Fit in Box

There’s nothing to register for, there’s no purchases to be made, it’s all pretty simple really, the Wii Fit will be given to the individual offering the best comment on how they would use the unit for exercise and to improve their health. Complete details are available here… Win a Wii Fit and there are already a number of impressive comments displayed. Visitors to the blog have until June 6, 2008 to post a comment, and the winner will likely be announced around June 9, of the following week. Be sure to check the blog post for rules and details.

Planet Chiropractic first tech coverage on the Wii Fit and its potential use in chiropractic offices back in July of 2007, when the unit was showcased for a Westside Los Angeles audience attending the E3 Media & Business Summit.

There’s no doubt these units will begin appearing in physical therapy centers, doctors offices, and the number of other locations. It’s reportedly loads of fun but not intended as a replacement for regular exercise. The types of games available on the unit include balance games, aerobics, yoga, and strength training. What’s neat, is the Wii Fit software keeps track of your exercise and rewards your efforts by unlocking new games. The units should be available at most major electronics retailers as well as online retailers (like Here is to health, fitness, and electronic gadgetry! @ 1:18 pm | Article ID: 1211573961