Relief for Colorado Accident Victims

Colorado chiropractors

After years of fighting to protect the rights of their injured patients, Colorado chiropractors are celebrating a legislative victory. As of January 1st, 2009, Colorado consumers will have auto insurance coverage with $5000 medical payments coverage (Med-Pay). That means $5000 insurance coverage for each injured person in a vehicle. After years of neglect, bills for ambulance, hospitals, emergency rooms and chiropractic visits will be covered. This will provide both physical and fiscal relief for the state.

automobile accident - mva(photo: car accidents are no fun for anyone – credit: The*Archivist)

Scientists and doctors know that chiropractic is precisely what is needed after an accident. It is the only care that is proven to help restore victims to their pre-accident level of health. Chiropractors also help prevent the decay and painful arthritic changes that frequently plague patients who have not had proper care.

This coverage comes as a real savings for taxpayers. Experts estimate $20 million dollars a year is being spent by tax payers for victims without this important coverage. Till now, providers such as ambulance and emergency rooms have been left with millions of dollars of unpaid bills.

This new bill will also protect the consumer. The $5000 in additional coverage is only $5.33 a month in premiums. Med pay coverage is far less expensive than high deductibles and health insurance co-payments.

Local Denver chiropractor Dr. Visentin says “working together with our legislators we’ve found a way to care for folks that’s affordable. No doubt other states will follow our example as a cost effective measure to keep people healthy naturally.” @ 4:12 pm | Article ID: 1232842366