Chiropractors of the 1990s

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While working for I’ve taken thousands of photographs of chiropractors across the planet. Some chiropractors are old, some chiropractors are young, some chiropractors are yet to be (as they were students when we took their photographs). In preserving the history of chiropractic and those we’ve crossed paths with, I’m sharing some photos, and hoping to get some feedback on the whereabouts of some of these DCs that have been digitized here.

chiropractors-young-1997ishDo you recognize any of these five doctors of chiropractic? They are all graduates from the Cleveland Chiropractic school in Los Angeles, California. I believe this photograph was taken in 1997 while at a International Chiropractors Association seminar in Orange County, California. One of the best presentations I’d ever heard a chiropractor give was made that day by Dr. Ian Grassam. More than 10 years later, the audio from the presentation is available for download.

Here’s another photograph of early chiropractors taken around 1996 or 1997.

chicago-chiropractors-clevelandThese are not Chicago practicing chiropractors but I’m fairly certain the photograph was taken while at a pediatric conference in Chicago, Illinois. Again, for chiropractors from the state of California, all graduates from the same chiropractic college in SoCal. One of the chiropractors in the photograph is me (that part should be obvious) but I’d like to find out the whereabouts of the other three chiropractors. The ever rambunctious and snarky chiropractic author, Darrel Crain, is pictured beside me.  Perhaps someone has practice information on the other 2 chiropractors pictured.

And a third photograph from just about the same time. Either taken in 1997 or possibly in early 1998.

michael-reaver-ccclaThere are many chiropractors in this photograph. Four chiropractors stand in the forefront of this photo with about takes more chiropractors standing about in the background. Pictured in about the center is the most jailed chiropractor ever, Dr. Herbert Ross Reaver. That’s his wife Millie also in the photo. I recognize 5 graduates of the Southern California chiropractic school I attended in the photo, but don’t know everyone, and I’m not sure about the practice locations for all chiropractors pictured.

Do you know any of these chiropractors shown?