Orange County to the Valley SF

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

One of the things I like most about attending conferences is the opportunity to catch up with friends. Ppl can often find me in the lobbies chatting it up and snapping photos of chiropractors, CAs, chiropractic students, and whatever else catches my eye. While at DCS earlier this month I took lots of photos (and did some chiropractic video interviews too). The images are useless just sitting on my hard drive, so hopefully I’ll manage to post most of them to the site in the days ahead.


Born in the USA was the theme t-shirt for the 2009 DCS event, and it rocked! They have created dozens of t-shirt styles over the years, (catch a glimpse of DCS Chiropractor Don Trepanys t-shirt here) this one featured BJ Palmer in front of an American Flag.

It was at the DCS event that I spotted a Red Ford F-150 in the parking lot of the performing arts center. A sweet ride for sure.

I love being able to get shots of chiropractors hanging out together (which isn’t uncommon at all). What was so cool about the 3 Amigos in Chiropractic was the fact they all traveled from different parts of the US and Canada to be together for the weekend. I like that about chiropractic gatherings.


Seeing families together is awesome too. Chiropractor Matt DeMoss and family paused long enough for me to get this pic. He’s a terrific chiropractor practicing in the Orange County area. SoCal is fortunate to have so many talented chiropractors in the area, yet it’s still soemtimes an effort to find the right chiropractor for the job (so to speak). We’re always seeking to connect people with local chiropractors, check and make sure your chiropractor is listed.


I had the chance to see Studio City Chiropractor Patrick Bennett and his daughter. I remember this guy from when he was a kid himself, now he’s all growns up and serving the San Fernando valley with specific chiropractoic care.

Great seeing everyone in the OC. I’m soon off to Florida to hang with some Internet Marketers for Spring Break and then to Las Vegas for the April 2009 Roundtable Meeting (2008 Roundtable made the news). I have the suspicion it’s going to be a photo heavy summer.