Female Chiropractic Photos Plus Ubuntu

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Saturday was a photo and filming day at the ADIO Chiropractic office in Los Angeles, California. With the three-day weekend upon us, we decided to get a small group together to acquire some new photographic shots and begin working on some video skits, that will be going online sometime soon (or maybe not, because the lighting was horrible).

I was going through some photos of the day, and I thought I’d post a few here, since it is a Labor Day holiday weekend, and I’d probably forget to do so next week, when I am back in the office.

vertebral subluxation nerve chart

This photo features Deanna Webb posing with a Vertebral Subluxation and Nerve Chart poster, made famous by Parker Chiropractic Seminars. She has her finger pointed on “C1” and she was talking about the Atlas, some parts of the body affected by nerves in that region, and some possibly associated symptoms. We created some video with Deanna talking about the first cervical vertebrae, and other parts of the spine as well.

blonde female neck chiropractic posters

This image features Deanna performing a palpation assessment in the area of the neck, commonly referred to by chiropractors (and other health-care professionals) as the cervical spine, or cervical region. Lots of chiropractic posters in that office, as you’ll see in other photos.

female chiropractor leg check posters

There are a half a dozen posters shown in the background of this image. The green ones on the bottom talk about Neurological Harmony, the Cellular Restoration Cycle, and balance between your body and nervous system. Here, Deanna is performing a leg assessment, commonly called a “leg check,” on a female wearing black stiletto high heels. We shot a number of videos going over leg length assessments and the ladies participated in a discussion of benefits versus risks when wearing high heels.

ubuntu blonde female laptop feisty fawn

I had to share this last photo for you geeky Ubuntu Linux lovers. Deanna posing with a fresh feisty fawn install of open source Ubuntu on the tiniest (12 inch) of Dell laptops. I told her she should be doing some video tutorials on how one could switch to Ubuntu, or videos highlighting the benefits of using open-source software. Nothing like a young attractive blonde talking about boot loaders, grub, and freshmeat.



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  1. Yay! It’s great to see some pix of hot professional women using Ubuntu for business and showing it all off. I wish my chiropractor would catch on to technology in his office.

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