3 Amigos in Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Why would 3 chiropractors travel from places like Seattle, Illinois, and Ontario Canada to Orange County California? Because SoCal Rocks! Seriously, it’s impressive to see chiropractors travelling such long distances to attend events like the 2009 DCS Orange County event that took place last week at the Performing Arts Center.

Big deal huh? Understand this, these chiropractors (and all the rest that attended) were not getting professional credits for chiropractor continuing education, they were not learning secrets of online internet marketing, and they were not there to visit local amusement parks. Why travel the distances? Because these (and other) chiropractors are passionate about what they do. They are turned on enough about their lives and profession that they desire to gather with others in celebration of what they do.


This is one of many photos Planet Chiropractic took of groups of chiropractors hanging and smiling together. Orange County is not the only place DCs get together for events like these, Chiropractors on the East Coast have been gathering in Florida, New Jersey, and other areas for many years. Again, not for license renewal and continuing education, or the latest money making secrets, they get together because they love what they do.

On the left in the photo is Bolingbrook Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey S. Garofalo, of New Life Chiropractic. I like the term “New Life” as it reminds me of playing cowboys and indians as a kid. If you got shot dead you could always shout “new life” and get back in the game. Get adjusted by Chiropractor Garofalo is like getting a New Life opportunity in real life. He’s that good at what he does.

Center in the photo is Seattle Chiropractor Lawrence Clayman. I’ve picked on Dr. Clayman the past few years since he’s been raising kids and I spend money on gadgets he chooses not to buy. He does choose to continue learning more about why others have chosen the industry of chiropractic and he is extremely passionate about what he does. Dr. Clayman runs the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic on Roxbury Street (Seattle). A Day at the Roxbury would do you good.

On the right side is Dr. Ruminder Birk, Vaughan Ontario Chiropractor, and I think he travelled the farthest distance of all the chiropractors I know in attendance that weekend. Should he receive a medal? I don’t know, but he should certainly be recognized as chiropractor in the community that is fired up about his life and work.

Ever hang out with people that hate their jobs, hate their lives, and feel like crap all the time? Can’t say that I come across those types to often. Thankfully, that’s a good thing (imo).

These, and the other chiropractors that attended, deserve recognition for their weekend commitment in doing what successful and forward thinking people do in order to stay focused on service and enjoyment of life.

I noticed these were some of the same DCs attending the 2008 April Roundtable event in Las Vegas and I also noticed April 2009 is right around the corner. 2009 Roundtable is on the agenda and the Planet Chiropractic Crew is on schedule to be in Vegas April 10th – 12th (Easter Weekend). Looking forward to outdoing the 2008 event!