Potential and Simplicity

By Travis J. Robertson

I’m sure we all know what happened on the morning of September 11th and that it brought our country together. The sight of the Republicans and Democrats singing together, Unified, on the steps of the Capitol. What I thought immediately was this: I hope that a disaster like that doesn’t have to happen in order to get people in this profession to unite. The sad conclusion that I came to was that based on the attitude of some of the people in this profession a disaster is more than likely the only way to get unity in the profession.

Remember, I have my own philosophy and that’s just what it is, mine. I have my own philosophy but I try harder every day to accept more viewpoints as valid. I try to see if they are doing what we all should be doing but maybe in just a slightly different way. We all need to help each other. We need to find what is good in what someone says or does. There should always be something.

Sometimes it’s hard but you gotta look deep down and you’ll find it. And if they’re a little more off base then they should be help to bring them back to the Big Idea. I don’t care how a chiropractor does what he does as long as he is maximizing the performance of his own and his patients’ inborn potential for LIFE.

Maybe that makes me a mixer, I don’t care. I do what is consistent with the Big Idea and within that what makes sense to me. I was told once that if something didn’t make sense to you don’t do it. “Think Damn it, Think.” Well, that’s a quote from Reggie Gold. Oh no, now I’m a straight, I don’t care. OK you got me, so I’ll come right out and say it. I’m actually not a mixer. I’m a straight. Or was it a mixer and not a straight, I get so confused with all these damn labels we use.

I’m not a straight or a mixer I’m a new breed of doctor, a breed that I call by one simple word with no labels, no confusion… A Chiropractor, plain and simple. (I know that I have no DC after my name but I’m still a Chiropractor just not in the officially recognized form) I know that I still have a great deal to learn but don’t we all, even those that have that title?

We all, through whatever means possible, do our best to promote LIFE in all of its avenues of expression and, after all that’s what Chiropractic is all about. We promote the ability of the body to maximize its expression of life in ALL regards. We all need to live up to our potentials like we help our patients to do. If we did there will be fewer fights, wars and the like. I’m not saying that we would not have any but we would have far fewer and those that we had would be resolved in the appropriate manner.

In closing I pose this question to you; Are you living up to your potential?

Promoting life through Chiropractic,

Travis J. Robertson
Third Trimester Student
Palmer College of Chiropractic

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