Step Number Six to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Success Principle #6 (Conduct weekly Spinal Care Workshops) is absolutely the most difficult to get doctors to do. I have seen doctors come to our weekly SOCM meetings for 2 years and still not do Spinal Care Workshops. So, Why is it so difficult to get Chiropractors to do Spinal Care Workshops?

There are several reasons that Chiropractors won’t do a Spinal Care Workshop. The first being the fear of speaking. To fix this just schedule one person every day at the end of the day for SCW and it won’t take long for you to schedule 2 a day, then more patients one time each week. You will eventually get tired of being there late every single day and get over your fear of public speaking.

The second reason is the doctor is waiting until their SCW is perfect, then they will start doing them. How can it get perfect, if you are not doing them? The first SCW is always perfect. The Chiropractor always knows more about Spinal Hygiene and Subluxation, than the patient.

The third reason is the doctor feels they don’t have time. This is just an excuse to cover their other weak excuses. Ninety nine percent of all Chiropractors want more new patients and Spinal Care Workshops can increase your new patients up to 50%. Most doctors will spend an extra hour each week to possibly double their new patients, because it costs them zero dollars.

The fourth reason is the fear that no one will show up. If the doctor makes it important to him or herself, it will also be important to the patient. Also make it mandatory. If they don’t respect the doctor enough to show up, they won’t stay long any way. The average crowd around the world is one to eight patients. Crowds of 20 or 30 are very rare. If no one shows up then the staff has to sit in on the SCW. It won’t take long for your staff to bust their butts to make sure someone is there.

The Spinal Care Workshop should include:
1. About 30 minutes long
2. Scheduled in the evening
3. Make it mandatory/ schedule it at Financial Report (day 3)
4. Schedule spouse or friend as coach
5. Have an opening/ why it is important information
6. Preframe Subluxation (See Preframing Subluxation)
7. Discuss how the 3 stresses cause subluxation (Psychological, Chemical, & Physical)
8. Have 3 part close (See Three Part Close Document)
9. Make offer to check family at reduced rate for limited time

Patients who attend Spinal Care Workshop are much more likely to Stay, Pay, and Refer. So why would you not spend an extra hour each week doing one.

We discuss Spinal Care workshop in great detail on our 18 CD set that can be purchased from Planet Chiropractic. Dr. Ray Nannis and Myself will be teaching SCW at the Parker Seminar in Dallas on Saturday morning. Dallas is only 3 weeks away, so make sure you are there ( We will then be in San Diego in late June.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

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Editor’s Note: Many DC’s have emailed to say thank you to Dr. Wren for providing the above linked and many other tools. Go to a Parker Seminar and give him a hug, he’d like that. Also, use the many tools on this site and share your tools with others. We are all only an email away. Don’t be alone, be connected.

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