Chiropractic, Sex & Reggie

“Chiropractic is like sex. When it’s good, it’s wonderful. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” – Reggie Gold

Reggie says chiropractic is O.K.

Dr. Reggie Gold (along with his wife Dr. Irene Gold) came out to visit Southern California during the past week. Reggie spoke at the Orange County Chiropractic Philosophy Society’s monthly meeting and it was a hot night!

It did not take long till those in attendance began to realize that there would not be enough chairs in the room to support the audience that came out to here Reggie’s message for the new millennium. (He stated there was no year zero-zero and that therefore 2001 would be our year to celebrate.)

It was a night filled with talk of vertebral subluxation and chiropractic philosophy. Reggie suggested that it was time to think, “think dammit think.”

Students from LACC

You will find chiropractors along several different points of the paradigm stated Reggie. A line was then drawn on a board from the left to the right. You’ll find some doing proctology over on the right, thinking they are some sort of diagnostician. For the most part though, Reggie stated, you’ll find many in the middle. “Where am I” Reggie asked? He stood far to the left of the board an smiled.

“What are you going to do different next year than you did this year?” Reggie asked of the crowd.

Those in attendance ranged from fresh chiropractic students to DCs that had been in practice for many years. I watched as chiropractors glowed with a look of passion and warmth as the night unfolded. Remember the first time you listened to Reggie speak? The students were having a marvelous time, many wanting to have photos taken with Reggie afterwards.

Reggie & a happy DC

I was pleased to see Irene as well as she has touched so many of our chiropractic lives. Both Reggie and Irene looked great and there were ear to ear grins all night.

We’ll have some audio from the evening uploaded next week. There is a great message regarding the new year and a positive message about chiropractic.

Many thanks to all of those at OCCP who put forth the effort to put on such a stunning year of chiropractic events in the year 2000. Best of health to all of you.

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