Your Conscious Mind & Change

By Dr. James M. Sigafoose

Within the last week or two I have had 7 calls from chiropractors who are on the wane, and in serious financial and practice condition.

At the same time we have several people whose practices are just exploding, several over 1000 visits per week. I hear the excuses given to me by these folks not doing so well, and they are, almost identical. Problems such as Divorce, the IRS, parents, illness, etc.

Why do some people attract all the wrong things, and others are flying high? Too many of us are living in the past and not dealing with the present. That past experience keeps repeating itself with the same negative forces, that created the sorry past in the first place.

It takes about 2 years to get a persons head on straight, and the reason is we keep repeating the same thoughts and actions over and over and keep getting the same negative results. We must change our thinking, our words and our actions to get different results. Some of these people go to shrinks, read every book, go to seminars, and nothing changes. It’s not that books and seminars are not worthwhile, it’s because their thinking didn’t change.

We think if we go to seminars, and read books we should change. Well, change does not come until your conscious mind changes. When we get on purpose, do all the actions, and maintain our thoughts directed towards our goals and intentions, only then will we begin to see change. As we come to understand that I and God are one, and when we start doing all for God, and letting God run our lives, and we quit doing things for ourselves and start doing things for others, as a service to God, we then will see explosions in our practice and good things will start happening.

As we maintain our discipline of thot we will continue to prosper and all will take care of itself.

Update on “I and the Father”
The idea of I and the Father are one, relates to the “I” being the spirit of man. Since there is only one spirit, then the spirit within us is of the Father, thus I and the Father are one.

Ones mission is the journey one assumes as his or her mission to be accomplished over the period of ones life. My mission is to serve God by serving as many people as is humanly possible.

An intention is something one intends to do. If the intention is true then the end result is always that which was intended. If it isn’t accomplished then that person never really intended to accomplish that action, but chose to have counter intentions, that stops the so called intention.

Example: “I am going to double my practice,” is the intention. “I don’t have enough room, help, parking, etc…” are counter intentions, thus the original intention is really just a wish, not an intention.

The majority of people say they intend to do so and so, but manage to have enough counter intentions that they never accomplish their intentions, and thus never fully express their mission in life.

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