Court Rules Anthrax Vaccine Unsafe and Hazardous

The headline reads: “Anthrax vaccine unsafe – Airman will not face court martial”

Many of you may have heard about Sgt. Mike Kipling, a former air force sergeant who refused to take the anthrax vaccine and was to face a court martial for doing so.

As reported in the Alberta News, on Friday, May 05, 2000, a judge has found the Anthrax vaccine in question to be “unsafe and hazardous.” The judges decision was based on evidence given during testimony.

Notice that the decision was based on evidence and not pseudo science and hearsay. Evidence, as in evidence-based guidelines or evidence-based science is far different from pseudoscientific ga-ga, popular opinion, or misinformation.

According to the report, “testimony indicated some of the vaccine was nine years old, the vials did not contain the doses indicated, and some vials were contaminated and unsterile and contained foreign material.”

The following statement was quoted in the article: “The government . . . could never be justified to impose inoculation of soldiers with unsafe and dangerous vaccines.”

Interestingly, I just came across the following quote yesterday, “Odd, that government sponsored research is always completely valid in their eyes, even though 99.9% of the time it calls for more government power and intervention.” – Tom S.

Hats off to Sgt. Mike Kipling for being a Man of principle and conscience.

Alberta News: Anthrax vaccine unsafe

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