Does Ritalin Kill?

From comes an article titled: “Ritalin’s long-term effects questioned – Death of 14-year-old boy highlights concerns over popular drug”

The article reports that ritalin, “is getting a nervous second look by medical groups and pediatricians due to potential long-term health effects — a concern highlighted by the recent death of a 14-year-old Michigan boy that was reportedly caused by the drug.”

It is well known in the health care community that Ritalin is being prescribed to children as young as one year old. Yet there are no studies to show what Ritalin’s long term effects are on these children. What potential risks to a child’s health do Ritalin and the many other psychotropic drugs being prescribed to children present in the future?

We reported on this topic back on April 17th with our article Death by Ritalin and felt the WorldNetDaily would be a good article to add to you arsenal especially for those DCs in Michigan since the article reports that “Michigan ranks third in the nation in Ritalin prescriptions.”

Here is the link: Ritalin’s long-term effects questioned
Planet Chiropractic: Death by Ritalin

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