Perfect Subliminal Advertising

by Adam R. Tanase
(Tri-9 Student @ Logan College of Chiropractic)

It’s obvious that subliminal advertising is unethical and illegal. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the incestuous relationship between drug companies and marketing agencies from dancing around the law, and bombarding us with ad after ad — offering “cures” to all our health problems, and even the ones we don’t have yet.

I’ve noticed another tactic lately, rearing its ugly head… One so deceptive and sly that not only is it totally legal, but perhaps even more effective than the seductiveness of it’s subliminal ancestry.

Perhaps you’ve heard it already. It would have been difficult not too, for this seemingly innocent Walgreen’s campaign has been on the air for quite some time now. The radio and television commercials all begin with a similar introduction. A soft and therapeutic voice facetiously tells the tale of “The town called Perfect.”

Utopian statements like “Silk only wishes it were as soft as your skin,” paint the picture of how wonderful life might be. The ads are loaded with mesmerizing ‘wouldn’t-it-be-great-if’ fantasies. Suddenly, the peaceful, airy voice dissolves and the speaker abruptly becomes more practical and realistic. He finishes with “Unfortunately you don’t live anywhere near Perfect, and that’s why there’s Walgreen’s.”

Without subtlety, in the most obvious way, they implant in listeners’ minds that ‘You’re not perfect. Come to us, we will complete you.’ Well if Walgreen’s wasn’t a huge pharmacy, strategically located practically everywhere you turn, it might not be so disgraceful. But it is, and it’s a real shame that such delusions are allowed on air.

I’ve got news for you… you *are* perfect. God created you in His image, and He fashioned you with all the necessary parts that you’ll ever need. You are complete and without flaw. What exists inside you cannot be bought off the shelf or picked up from behind the counter at Walgreen’s with a special prescription.

Dr. Rob Sinnott, LCP, demonstrated to us recently how medical doctors are the “ordinary doctors,” while Chiropractors are “extraordinary” doctors. Our job is to help the helpless; to put life back into the lifeless; and most importantly, to instill hope into the hopeless.

Ordinary doctors plant the seeds of fear and despair. They remove all hope. They ingrain in their patients thoughts of inadequacy, defectiveness, and deficiency.

It pains me to see that a lot of people actually believe this garbage.

It’s time to let the masses know that they *do* live in “Perfect,” and that they should stop feeding from the artificial, mechanistic, and tainted hand that is Modern Medicine.

We are all so BIG inside, with such tremendous living and healing potential. Do your patients know it? Do they know and appreciate the amazing miracle that they are? If they did… if YOU did… then nothing would seem impossible.

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