Medicine’s Top 10 Advances of the Past 1,000 Years reports today on the top 10 advances in Medicine. I found the top two advances to be the most interesting and you’ll want to read what ABCNEWS has to say about #1.

ABCNEWS surveyed “leading experts” from a variety of medical specialties. The top ten are listed below, please visit for a complete description of each choice.

10: The Microscope
9: Discovery of the Circulatory System
8: Sanitation and Clean Water
7: Organ Transplants
6: ‘Germ Theory’ of Disease
5: Genetics, and the Double Helix
4: Anesthesia
3: The X-Ray : 1895*
2: Vaccines
1: Discovery of Antibiotics

This is their paradigm gang. Look at the list closely and ask yourself the question; which of these are actually advances? What changes will I see in the next 100 years? What role will I play in making those changes? The choice is up to you.

Source: ABCNEWS, Medicine at the Millennium @ 07:04 | Article ID: 946652680