Business, Politics and Planet Chiropractic

As many of you have probably seen in the news, the Democratic National Convention has come to Downtown Los Angeles. The media began arriving several days ago and the city is now in full swing.

While the media is here in Downtown Los Angeles, the city had decided to showcase some of the tech savvy companies that call Downtown L.A. their home.

On Wednesday, August 9th, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the Major of Los Angeles, and a bus load of media arrived at 548 south spring street, home to Planet Chiropractic.

Mayor Richard Riordan and Dr. Michael Dorausch
Mayor Richard Riordan and Dr. Michael Dorausch, Founder of Planet Chiropractic

Thanks to the efforts of many, Planet Chiropractic was one of the “high tech” businesses featured during a media tour known as “Los Angeles Industry Showcase Week.”

While to the chiropractor, Planet Chiropractic is a source of great chiropractic information, to the financial and technology world, Planet Chiropractic is becoming known as a “vertical niche portal serving one of the fastest growing industries in the health care arena.”

The financial world is very interested in the service model we have developed to effectively reach so many chiropractors worldwide. We are proud to have been showcased and appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the chiropractic profession.

Thank you all for helping to make this happen, it’s your energy, persistency, and support that is putting us on the map. – Michael

Mayor of Los Angeles and President of Planet Chiropractic @ 10:15 am | Article ID: 966014151