Income Opportunities Classifieds Get Deleted

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The admin for our classifieds ad system checks in with me every evening with a report of ads posted for the day. I continue to be impressed with the number of new ads that post daily. What in the world did chiropractors do before they could post ads for xray, offices for sale, and jobs wanted online? Journal and magazines I suppose.

Well, there is a particular type of ad placed that frequently gets deleted. Most are titled: Work From Comfort of Your Home and they read something like… Take control, get the lifestyle you want and earn a living from Blah Blah Company and manage your income as your wish. Work as much as you want to Earn MORE than you could have ever imagined. No experience required. Visit: http://www.blah blah company {inserted affiliate link}

Those posting these ads don’t read the site TOS and these ads are deleted at the admin preview level (all ads are subject to admin approval). So, those are the sucky posts. I’ve been seeing a lot of well organized and written posts these past few days and that’s sweet.


The Associates Category is HOT and getting lots of activity from both chiropractors seeking to hire those graduating from Chiropractic Schools and recent grads looking for places to practice.

I covered Simple yet Effective Chiropractic Ad Placement last month and Going Granular With Classified Advertising has been addressed as well. As an example I pulled some info from a post made this week regarding a practice for sale.

Diversified Practice in College town (ad is here)
Practice for Sale in Athens, GA the most desirable college town to live in the Southeast! This is a perfect opportunity for a recent grad or a second location to an existing practice. Practice is located in a busy Medical Center about 1 mile from downtown. The practice is 3+ years old and has tremendous potential for growth with great profitability. The practice has been built out to accommodate growth and includes a full-x-ray suite.. All furnishings, medical equipment, valued at over $35k, are included in the sale. Additional income currently generated from a massage therapist renting space within the practice. The practice has averaged $85k a year on a three-day workweek. 2008 Grossed $33k for first quarter. Doctor is relocating out of State. Asking price: $75k all-inclusive.

They covered it all… LOCATION, Granular Data, and plenty of relevant info. I like that they mentioned the type of adjusting technique practiced in the office, that’s important if you want to keep clients happy and make a smooth transition.

Also noticed an increased number of SEMG ads going online the past two weeks. These units are often targets for 419 spammers so use caution when conducting transactions. The Surface EMG & Thermography Sales post as well as the I can haz ur money? post cover that topic in more detail.

If you are new to posting classifieds I’d suggest scanning through the entire classifieds section of this blog so you can get up to speed on what is available to you. Happy Days!

3 thoughts on “Income Opportunities Classifieds Get Deleted”

  1. Is there really much activity on the job posting board?? I am currently looking for an associate/ indep. contr position and find very little movement on the various chiropractic job posting boards. Any Ideas???

  2. Don’t know particularly about the job board, but the classifieds in general (on Planet Chiropractic) are quite active. News ads are posted daily and the site gets much traffic. Doesn’t mean there will be any action on a particular post though.

    All the best!

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