Chiropractic Mission To Mexico

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Dear ChiroFeed Friends:

We are excited about the increasing service we are able to provide here in America and outside our borders. We want to share with you a story from Dr. Scott Mindel here in Seattle who was with us on our recent mission trip to Mexico. I trust you will find his story an inspiration to consider joining us in future endeavors of service.

“On Saturday, August 12th, 9 doctors, plus myself and our Executive Director, John Savage, arrived in La Morita, a small town south of San Diego. After dispersing information about our services announcing that chiropractic would be available for “gratis,” we set up in a local church where by noon we had hundreds of people beginning to line up to be adjusted! People showed up with their children and without any questions allowed us to give our gift of chiropractic. People were flowing in gradually all afternoon.

Toward the end of our day a lady came in with her two children. One of the children was named Josselyn. Her mother was holding her in her arms. She told us in Spanish that Josselyn was three and a half years old and not able to walk. Josselyn was placed on a chiropractic table and examined for subluxations (interference of her nerve system.) During the evaluation Josselyn started crying very strongly and it was obvious she was scared.

I looked at her mother who gave me permission to continue. I immediately went to Josselyn’s upper neck and put my finger gently on her top vertebrae. Immediately something happened. For starters, she became quiet, completely silent as if asleep. The entire room seemed to go silent. It felt for me as if something happened more than I could see. It felt like – for the first time – she just took a deep breath and her body completely relaxed. I continued to adjust her neck with the Activator as well as her Sacrum. After the adjustment, I told Josselyn’s mother that we would be back the next morning and asked her to bring her back. They left the church and I turned to Dr. Todd Royse and said, “Josselyn is going to walk one day.”

The following morning Josselyn’s father brought her back to the church and shared with us the miracle that had occurred. Her body unraveled during the night. She was able to hold her head up and straighten her legs for the first time. Her feet uncurled and her body went through something I can’t understand, but I know it was nothing less than a miracle!

This is but one of the stories we brought back with us after a wonderful time of sharing and caring for folks who would not have the benefits and healing of chiropractic any other way. We are determined to increase our trips to Mexico and spread chiropractic to other countries, as well as sponsor ChiroFeed events during the holidays here in every state in the U.S.

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