Pharmaceutical giant takes losses drug Torcetrapib

by Kyle Meers : Logan College of Chiropractic Student

How much is your health really worth?

With at least 12 million Americans taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, mostly statins, and experts’ recommendations that another 23 million should be taking them, it’s important to remain educated on this issue, the primary one being that they’re linked to many, many dangerous side effects.

Apparently, it appears that to Pfizer, the world’s leading drug maker, that your health is worth plenty in dollar bills. Two weeks ago Pfizer halted the development of a key new cholesterol drug that was heralded as the engine to reignite the company’s stagnant sales. The drug Torcetrapib was stopped because of an unexpected number of deaths and complications. The news was devastating to Pfizer, which has had numerous patents on key products expire. Pfizer spent about $800 million to develop torcetrapib, which was supposed to fill the void of the companies lacking financial performance. Did everyone read that? Lacking financial Performance! There was no mention in the article about the lives they have devastated. I want everyone to understand that these pharmaceutical companies are not even hiding their greed anymore. Not only are they killing innocent people but they are putting $dollar$ signs on our bodies. When is the massacre going to end?

Unfortunately this is just another tale of the lack of knowledge and faith that we don’t put in our own bodies ability to heal itself. It’s time to stop relying on these poisons, chemicals and the promise of a miracle drug. Millions of people are dying every year from drugs. It’s not going to stop unless we take the power out of the drug maker’s hands. Fortunately God put an amazing healing power in our bodies. That power is held in the nervous system! That system controls who and what we are; including our cholesterol. But if our spine is degenerated that connection between our brain and body will be compromised. Leading to more than just a cholesterol problem. Now I ask you what your spine and health are worth? The bottom line is that we need to start taking the responsibility of health in our own hands. Together we can start moving toward a Maximized Life. Remember to get your spine checked regularly.

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