Mayor of Los Angeles visits the Global Chiropractic Network

Richard J. Riordan, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, visited the Global Chiropractic Network on Monday, to see what changes new digital upstarts were creating in the downtown Los Angeles community. Film crews from ABC news and other news stations turned out for the event.

The Global Chiropractic Network is just one example of renewed vision in the downtown Los Angeles area. “The downtown area continues to outpace the country in the development of digital media companies” said the Mayor.

Michael Dorausch, D.C., President and founder of the Global Chiropractic Network talked on camera with Mayor Riordan about Planet Chiropractic and its role in serving the needs of chiropractors worldwide.

When one hears of the internet, often there is talk of the ability to deliver all things to all people. In the case of the Global Chiropractic Network, Dr. Dorausch has been focused on delivering one message, “The message of Chiropractic – Worldwide.”

“The Global Chiropractic Network has been active in developing an online information network for the chiropractic profession. We are currently developing multimedia and online applications for the chiropractic profession and their patients which are available via our various sites on the internet” said Dr. Dorausch.

Through creations such as, Dr. Dorausch has been able to deliver information to thousands of chiropractors worldwide at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

“Several years ago, the cost of launching an effort such as this was just not feasible. With the support of companies such as Fastserve Networks and the ‘548’ building, we have been given the opportunity to expand into a full serve data center in downtown Los Angeles.”
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