Today Will Be Awesome

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Today will be awesome. That’s the reminder at the front desk (usually facing towards me) in our chiropractic office. I certainly prefer this line of thinking to the alternative. This isn’t particularly about being positive, although being positive goes along with it. Decades into this mindset, I now see everything as levels of awesomeness. There’s nothing less than an awesome day, and yet there’s nothing greater than an awesome day.

today will be awesome

As I write this, I hear music playing… “I have a feeling that tonights going to be a good night.” Why wouldn’t it be? Especially when it was an awesome day.

I search through old planet chiropractic content and I find years of awesome articles, and I’m reminded that this has become my manifest world.

Looking back, I am reminded that I’ve been surrounded by awesome people that have taught me awesome things. I’ve even sent myself letters addressed to the world’s most awesome chiropractor, thanks to habits and behaviours I’ve learned from others. From that I was reminded of Dr. Ian Grassam and his question of your price of greatness.

I then came across this making a difference post from a chiropractic assistant in Canada…

Each day we are given a choice as to how our day will turn out, now I know there will always be circumstances beyond our control. There will always be something or someone out there just dying to get under our skin. It’s your reaction to those situations that will determine your day’s outcome.

Have an awesome day!