Elizabeth Hurley does a GOD Whammy!

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Elizabeth Hurley is getting some press this week and having her name appear in Google Hot Trends. I’m not yet quite sure why but I just noticed a dailystab blogpost of Hurley in a t-shirt she was photographed wearing, earlier last week.

Elizabeth is my favorite Chirodelic Chiropractor, appearing as Dr. Ann Beamer, in the film Double Whammy, which she co-starred in with super funny actor Denis Leary. Did not realize how long ago that film was made. Planet Chiropractic had a post about it (Elizabeth Hurley, D.C.) in June of 2000, and then again in January of 2001 (Double Whammy Chiropractic) when the film appeared at the Sundance Film Festival.

Double Whammy is on TMC today (Saturday) at 6:25pm in the USA, as well as Wednesday, August 22nd @ 4:20am and Monday, August 27th @ 11:35pm, both on TMC. Tune in to watch chiropractor Hurley do some adjusting, and other stuff.

Nice t-shirt Elizabeth!