Receive Attendance Credit For Chiropractic Sessions You Attend

For Chiropractors, getting continuing education (CE) credits should be an easy process, but many (myself included) have had times when they’ve jumped through quite a few hoops while at a CE seminar. Doctors want to be sure they get properly credited for CE hours attended. A large part of getting credited is knowing in advance what states are covered, what classes are covered, and how many hours are available.

At the recent Parker – CCA Seminar in San Diego, I was pleased to see how smoothly the continuing education process went. I saved notes from the event and am sharing as a way for others to get ideas as to what works. I’ll include comments afterwards.

lumbar leg check seminarLumbar Leg Check During Chiropractic Seminar

CE Instructions – MUST READ – It is very important that you follow the process below to receive attendance credit for the chiropractic sessions you attend.

AR, HI, MA, NC, NY, OK, PA, TN, WI, WY and Canada license holders – View the Exception List for specific information relating to the CE classes and your Board.

Specialty categories submitted are:

  • Ethics: Ethics in the Chiropractic Office, Anna Allen, RN (1.5 hours) NOTE: TX did NOT approve this class for the mandatory Ethics hours.
  • Risk Management: Informed Consent and the Chiropractor, Gerald Clum, DC (1.5 hours)
  • Technique: Low Back, Leg Length Part I & II, Mitch Mally, DC; The “Noisy Joint” and Adjusting the Typical Foot, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder, Mark Charrelte, DC (8 hours)
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Things DC’s Get Confused About Regarding X-Ray, James Carter, DC, DACBR (5 hours)
  1. Complete the information requested on the Attendance form. Please do so legibly as this is the information we will use to process and mail your continuing education verification to you.
  2. Attend the classes marked CE on the program (avoiding any your board may have denied or do not fit within your state rules and regulations).
  3. We are using manual stamps to track attendance. You MUST have your Attendance Form stamped as you enter and exit from the CE class period for your attendance to be recorded. Not doing so will negate hours.
  4. At the conclusion of the last CE class, once it is stamped, leave your Attendance Form with the CE Attendance Monitor.
  5. Once the seminar is over, the Parker University CE department will process your hours based on the attendance data marked for all states other than California. You will receive a copy of your attendance verification via mail following the seminar. The CCA will process verification for all California licensed doctors.

Note regarding states that do not require an application: Because of Parker’s accreditation status, some state boards do not require Parker to submit their CE programs for pre-approval. Therefore, Parker cannot guarantee that the classes we offer will automatically be approved by your board. We strongly recommend doctors from these states to be aware of your state rules and regulations regarding continuing education requirements. Specific questions should always be directed to your state board.

The above information was included in the attendee packets for chiropractors. It also included a detailed list of continuing education status for all US States as well as Providences in Canada. I really appreciated how thorough Parker Seminars and the CCA both were in relationship to providing continuing education hours for chiropractors.

Working for Planet Chiropractic I’ve traveled throughout the US and Canada to more seminars than I can remember. There’s been times I’ve been in states such as Florida or New Jersey, and discovered the classes I was sitting in on, would not be applicable towards continuing education in my state of California. Since I practice in Los Angeles, getting CE hours in my case (and others that practice in LA) is typically easiest done within the state of California. There’s quite a few chiropractic seminars in Nevada, Arizona, and other nearby states, that I like to attend. My advice is to always find out advance the following…

  • Does your seminar provide continuing education hours for my state of practice?
  • How many hours of continuing education are available for my state of practice?
  • Do you mail a certificate of completion of continuing education hours after the seminar?

In the case of CCA and Parker Seminars, I’ve never had an issue, and I’ve gotten continuing ed from both several times during the past decade. I recently received my CE completion certification letter which prompted me to post this information. It may seem like a lot of trouble to have gone through, but trust me, if you’ve ever traveled and discovered the classroom hours you attended could not be applied towards your states CE requirements, you’ll pay closer attention the next time. You may also find yourself sitting in on a one-day seminar just before your birthday when you should be out celebrating.