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Got Documentation Seminars for California Chiropractors

I will be at the CCA Annual Convention and Parker Seminars next week but those are not the only chiropractic events taking place in California. A postcard came to my Los Angeles office for a chiropractic documentation seminar taking place on May 5th and 6th in Camarillo California. Check the chiropractic seminars page for Got Documentation Seminar details, or review what I’ve added here. Let’s keep chiropractors educated on the latest and greatest.

Got Documentation SeminarsGot Documentation Seminars

  • Document Well.
  • Document Fast.
  • Be Bulletproof.
  • Learn How to Prove Chiropractic Necessity.

Approved for 12 CE credits for California Chiropractors. The CEU credits for this course are approved by the University of Bridgeport. Health Sciences Postgraduate Department.

Instructor: Gregg Friedman, DC (Certified, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners 2004-2009)

Dates/Location: May 5-6, 2012 (Hampton Inn & Suites Camarillo)
50 West Daily Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 389-9898

Time: Sat. 1pm-7:30pm, Sun. 8am-2pm
Cost: $249 per doctor if paid by 4/27/12, $299 per doctor if paid after 4/27/12, $50 per each additional non-doctor staff attending with doctor
Register Now: Call 888-685-3657 (toll free 24/7)

Seminar Categories: California, Continuing Education, Documentation Got Documentation Seminars California May 2012

Parker Seminars 2012 San Diego

A Journey to Becoming a Better You!

Parker Seminars has joined up with the California Chiropractic Association for a seminar taking place in San Diego California on May 4-6, 2012. The 2012 CCA Annual Convention and Exposition is taking place at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, California. I’ve been to this resort property before (for another CCA summer convention) and it’s a great hotel property for a chiropractic conference. Very relaxing place and perfect hotel if you’re bringing along family.

San Diego 2012 Parker Chiropractic

There’s free continuing education offered for chiropractor members of the California Chiropractic Association and there’s multiple tracks of motivating chiropractic topics being discussed over the three-day event. Details about the Convention and Expo are posted on the CCA Annual Convention Seminar page and news about the convention has been posted as well.

Here is marketing information I received from Parker Seminars regarding the event.

Embark on a journey of self·discovery and practice-growth as Parker Seminars partners with the California Chiropractic Association for San Diego 2012!

From an expo packed with cutting-edge technology and nutritional products, to speakers and coaches who can guide your creative vision, everything you need for your journey to becoming a better you is at this seminar.

San Diego 2012 is designed to:

  • Teach practice-building tips
  • Share insight from world-renown speakers and experts
  • Demonstrate how to run a more effective, efficient office
  • Help you maximize your potential and live your best life!

Join Parker Seminars and the California Chiropractic Association for San Diego 2012 – an exciting expedition that broadens your scope of success and bridges the gap to your personal growth!

Early bird registration is no longer available but you can call Parker Seminars at 888-727-5338 if you want to attend this convention. As far as I know, at least 18 hours of continuing education credits are being offered for chiropractors, if you need education credits for states other than California be sure to ask about that before you register.

See you in San Diego California!

Upper Cervical KCUCS Certification Program Atlanta

KCUCS Certification Program
Presents One Day “Pattern Analysis” Hands On Workshop
Come Learn from Top Producing Upper Cervical Chiropractors
Atlanta, GA – April 28, 2012

KCUCS Pattern Analysis Hands-on Workshop
All Upper Cervical Groups Welcome… Learn How to put Instrumentation into Practice Monday Morning.

KCUCS upper cervical certification programKCUCS Upper Cervical Certification Program for Chiropractors


  • Pattern Analysis – Learn Why and How to Interpret Graph Readings by some of the Premier Instrumentation Doctors currently practicing. The KCUCS follows in the steps of the BJ Palmer Research Clinic and what was further developed through the work of Dr. Duff
  • Through Workshops – The KCUCS Leadership Team will go through each aspect of Pattern Analysis to help you on the Path of Mastery in the Specific
  • How to Communicate in a Persuasive way to your patients as well as with doctors in and out of the Chiropractic profession
  • How to take care of babies, infants, toddlers, etc. Establish pattern on infants – Chirometer Readings
  • Why and How to educate patients about Brain Stem Interference and Upper Cervical through instrumentation findings
  • Proper technique for performing and reading Tytron Infra Red Instrument
  • Effective Practice Management strategies

Proper Application of Pattern Analysis is the Essential Component that brings the Philosophy of Chiropractic into a Practical Reality

Be Confident that YOU KNOW When to Adjust and When Not. Know when, in fact, you have made an Adjustment and the body IS HEALING!!

Atlanta, GA – April 28, 2012 Come Learn How to DO IT!
Call 770-443-4225 to register

Cobb Galleria Convention Centre
2 Galleria Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339

Doctors: $295*
Students: $150*
Doctor Refresher: $150*
Student Refresher: $125*
*Take off $25 by registering on Friday one week prior to seminar

  • A Firm Working Knowledge of Pattern Analysis will take you to a higher level of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.
  • This Seminar is designed to Teach YOU How!
  • Pattern Analysis is Key to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.
  • KCUCS – Certified Masters Helping You on the Road to Mastery in the Upper Cervical Specific
  • KCUCS Certification Program – ‘Developing Masters’

Our Primary Objective in the KCUCS Certification Program is to Develop Masters. We Desire an Environment that Fosters the Growth in EVERY ASPECT of the ‘Specific’. You are Invited to come GROW WITH US!

Let’s do our work with Passion, Enthusiasm and Excellence
We would love to see you join along with us as we delve deeper into the Upper Cervical Specific. Pattern Analysis is the cornerstone of the KCUCS procedure. Knowing when and when not to adjust is the single most critical decision the Upper Cervical Chiropractor makes on a day to day basis. The better the doctor can answer this question, the more serious case he or she can handle and the better the result will be on a consistent basis. HOLDING is HEALING and through Mastery of Pattern Analysis you can know the progress of every patient. This Hands-on Workshop is designed to walk you through each fundamental component of Pattern Analysis. We are here to help you on the path of Mastery in the Specific. Come learn in a relatively few hours what others have learned over years. Experience is the BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE! Look forward to seeing you with us! Come Join the Upper Cervical Revolution!

Robert Kessinger, DC
KCUCS Certified Master Upper Cervical Specific
KCUCS Certification Program
KCUCS World Missions

Advanced Chiropractic Insurance Coding Seminar Las Vegas

Here’s a seminar in Las Vegas that’s important for chiropractic offices who are billing insurance.

Advanced Chiropractic Insurance Coding Seminar
Beyond the Basics of Billing

Pricing: $275
• Super Early Bird: $199 (30 days in advance)
• Early Bird: $245 (21 days in advance)
• At the door: $310
• Additional Staff: $150 each

Seminar time: 8am to 5pm
Receive up to eight hours continuing education units depending on state jurisdiction. Call for complete details regarding CEUs.

chiropractic insurance coding manual 2012 updatesseminar – chiropractic insurance coding manual 2012 updates

CPT and Diagnosis
• The correct use of CPT codes and modifiers
• Updates for 2012 and what is coming in ICD10
• Definitions and documentation protocols for diagnosis and CPT codes
• Blue Shield, United Health Care, et al Multi Procedure reductions-How to combat
• Diagnoses – Are you coding to the most specific and highest value for the condition

How to code and be paid for
• Review of records
• Additional time for exams
• Functional capacity testing
• Physical medicine services
• Exams, Re Exams and Final Exams
• Range of motion and muscle testing
• Unusual or complicated chiropractic manipulation

Workers’ Compensation
• Treatment guidelines for chiropractic and physical medicine
• Complete work camp codes and fees
• How to work with (and get paid for) treating future med patients
• Step by step dispute protocols and all necessary forms

• New 2012 deductible and fees
• Proper billing and documentation to pre-empt an audit
• Primary and secondary diagnoses requirements for your state
• Why most patients will be entitled to 20+ visits per year
• Secondary and Supplemental Policies: What they do and do not cover
• Medicare Advantage plans – What you must do to bill and be paid.

Personal Injury
• Step-by-step protocol to insure getting PI cases paid in full
• Med Pay, eccess med pay, P.I.P., and how to bill & GET PAID 100%
• How to handle an attorney lien claim
• When and how to use Liens and Letters of Protection
• Claims settlement: How the process impacts you

Managed Care
• Which are pro-chiropractic and anti-chiropractic
• How to work with managed-care forms and authorization process
• Obtaining additional care. Know what they want.

• Rules and protocols of chiropractic documentation
• Use and implementation of outcome assessment forms
• Demonstrating and documenting the medical necessity of your services
• Electronic health records what you need to know and how to receive incentive payments

These advanced chiropractic insurance billing seminars take place throughout the year at locations all across the US. This particular event is being held at the Embassy Suites near the Las Vegas Convention Center on Paradise Rd. The location is easy to get to from McCarron International Airport and it’s Las Vegas. If not staying at the Embassy Suites, there are numerous Las Vegas hotels nearby.

Embassy Suites Hotel – Convention Center Las Vegas
3600 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169

For information regarding chiropractic coding seminars contact the HJ Ross company.
Telephone: (800) 562-3335

Core Pasadena Chiropractic 2012 Schedule February March April


C.O.R.E. refers to the idea that if we can put our differences aside, and unite on our strengths, then we are one step away from impacting and area and two steps away from impacting our profession and a sick care system that is failing. While we agree with the first couple of lines, we’re not sure about impacting all chiropractors so we will start with a C.O.R.E.!

But we believe it won’t take much to tip the profession, and we in the San Gabriel Valley feel as if it isn’t too far from happening with C.O.R.E.’s popping up nationwide. We are committed to making a difference. We’ve been trying to prove that it’s not the quantity of chiropractors coming together but the quality of chiropractors coming together that will make the biggest difference.

The C.O.R.E. group drives home the idea that we are all connected to accomplish something great in a profession we love. It has been our hope since C.O.R.E. was launched in August 2003, that C.O.R.E. will be more than just a generic organization, rather a force for good, by bringing social conscious to social/professional networking while building a foundation toward becoming the premiere organization in chiropractic while working with established organizations within our profession. We look forward to your involvement.

RSVP by contacting Dr. Dennis Buckley at 626-991-8877.

Location: Health Advantage Health & Wellness Center
1450 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104 626-798-7805

nerves subluxationsUNITED WE STAND IN 2012

Raising the bar to establish the most successful leadership in the profession
Empowering and equipping Doctors of Chiropractic
Philosophy Based Chiropractic

February 23rd – Dr. Liam Schubel – Puerto Rico, South America and New Jersey

March 22nd – Dr. Jeff Spencer – Tour de France and Pasadena

April 26th – Dr. Jay Morgan – Austin Texas


Why the C.O.R.E. philosophy?

The C.O.R.E. of our philosophy is established as an avenue for doctors to come together for increased camaraderie among chiropractors with a chance to network, and an opportunity to revitalize your enthusiasm and excitement for chiropractic.

Put these dates in your calendar and make CORE your monthly adjustment above the atlas to clear your mind and connect to your potential.

With the speakers coming far and near, the expenses to put on CORE need subsidy so a $20 per doctor is asked and as usual students are FREE!

Thank you for your participation and kind words over the past 3 years of putting on CORE.

Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Program 2012

The ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science has announced a Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner Program for 2012. The ICA began a Chiropractic Wellness Certification series in 2008. This years courses will be held in Las Vegas, Boston, and Kansas City.

The Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Program provides extensive instruction in a scientifically relevant, clinically practical format, addressing advanced aspects of wellness and optimal health in the context of the chiropractic paradigm.

Module 1: Scientific & Philosophical Validation of the Chiropractic Wellness Paradigm

  • Defining Wellness with respect to research, patient assessment, and clinical analysis and intervention
  • Identifying structural and neurophysiological effects of VSC in adaptive (stress) physiology and illness
  • Reviewing referenced literature, identifying scientific evidence relating chiropractic’s health promotion and illness prevention benefits in relation to chiropractic adjustments and optimizing spinal motion
  • Coordinating clinically relevant, practical approaches to successfully integrate wellness into your practice

Module 2: Wellness Nutrition and Natural Health

  • Clarifying the body’s innate genetic requirements for nutritional content and nutrient sufficiency
  • Studying the physiological impact of the standard “Western Diet with metabolic acidosis, insulin resistance, probiotic deficiencies, fatty acid metabolism, and other concerns
  • Reviewing the toxic effects of food additives, preservatives, household products, and industrial chemicals
  • Research findings identifying health promoting and illness preventing benefits of innately balanced and sufficient nutritional choices

Module 3: Wellness Physical Fitness and Spinal Hygiene

  • Addressing the body’s innate genetic requirements for optimal physical fitness and energy expenditure
  • Understanding physiological repercussions of sedentary patterns including brain function, body composition, and immune system integrity
  • Highlighting beneficial impacts of exercise and spinal hygiene on proprioception, neuromuscular integrity, organ function, learning and emotional health
  • Introducing exercise and training approaches for spinal hygiene, functional restoration and spinal health

Module 4: Wellness State of Mind, Emotional Health, and the Secrets of Eliciting Patient Lifestyle Change

  • Understanding neurophysiological ramifications of emotional and physical stress, including adaptive physiology in the context of the multiple structural and physiological elements of subluxation complex
  • Identifying interactions of somato- and psycho-neuroimmunology and neurophysiology in health and illness
  • Reviewing scientific literature highlighting health promotion and illness prevention benefits of positive mental attitude and congruent belief systems
  • Outlining optimal approaches and proactive applications for implementing human behavior change through transforming attitude and actions toward wellness-congruent lifestyle changes in patient case management

Credentialed by the ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science
Seminar Hours: Saturday 12 noon – 8pm & Sunday 8am – 1pm

Feb 11-12 Module 1
Apr. 28-29 Module 2
June 23-24 Module 3
Aug. 25-26 Module 4

March 24-25 Module 1
May 19-20 Module 2
Aug. 18-19 Module 3
Nov. 3-4 Module 4

June 2-3 Module 1
Ju1y 7-8 Module 2
Sept. 15-16 Module 3
Oct. 20-21 Module 4

ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science
6400 Arlington Blvd., Suite 800
Falls Church, VA 22042

Phone: 800-423-4690 or 703-528-5000
Fax: 703-528-5023

Continuing education credit available via Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California.

Fall 2011 CCA 12 Hours Continuing Education Seminars

This one is for chiropractors in the state of California…

Continuing Education Courses from the California Chiropractic Association

Right in your back yard!
12 hours of free continuing education!
12 Hour Relicensing Seminars
Mark your calendar for the cities (each is linked to the event page)…

Orange County
September 17th and 18th
Doubletree Santa Ana – Orange County Airport
201 E. MacArthur Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92707
714-825-3333 (hotel direct phone)

San Diego
October 8-9
Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
1775 East Mission Bay Drive
San Diego CA 92109
619 276-4010

Group rate for San Diego is $149 per night.

October 29 and 30th
Embassy Suites Sacramento
100 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814
group rate of $149 per night

San Jose
November 12 and 13th
group rate of $179 per night
Hotel Valencia San Jose
355 Santana Row
San Jose CA 95128
(408) 551-0010

San Rafael
November 19 and 20th
group rate of $99 per night

Four Points by Sheraton – San Rafael
101 Northgate Dr.
San Rafael, CA 94903
415-479-8800 (hotel reservations)

Other events taking place in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Contact the CCA for complete list of seminars that provide 12 hour or more continuing education.

Contact the California Chiropractic Association for complete details.

The 2012 CCA Annual convention and exposition is going to be held at the Paradise Point resort and spa in San Diego. Dates for the event are May 4 through May 6, 2012. Continuing education is free for CCA members and there will be plenty of opportunity to get a full 12 hours of credit.

The Paradise Point Hotel is minutes from the heart of downtown San Diego and is adjacent to Sea World Adventure Park. CCA group rate is $165 a night and is available until April 9, 2012.

All In One Day Chiropractic Seminars California

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Like nearly all chiropractors throughout the US, I get mail regularly for continuing education seminars, and for relicensing events taking place in the states I’m licensed to practice in. Those in the business of running these events typically post details to the chiropractic seminars pages but sometimes I’ll highlight particular events coming up (most typically for the state of California) so they either appear also in the news or these chiropractic blog pages. I don’t attend every continuing chiropractic education event that comes to Los Angeles, but I try to attend one event per month on average, if I can fit it into my schedule. There is lots of great stuff being taught via many of the continuing education programs in the US, think about attending even when you’re not going for licensure renewal.

Cymerint Seminar One DayAll In One Day Chiropractic Seminars

One particular seminar (which is now two seminars) has been taking place in the state of California for 16 years. The event is typically held on Thursdays and it’s put on by Triad Seminars, presenting chiropractors with the original All in ONE DAY Chiropractic Seminar. Here are some details from the mailer sent to my Los Angeles office.

THE ORIGINAL All In One Day Seminar – Now offering two 12 hour seminar programs’ for 2011.

Seminar 1:
2011 CA Board Approved: (CA-A-10-10-5245)
“The Clinical Evidence Based Practice of Chiropractic All in One Day with 4 hours of Technique.”

• 4-hours of technique – posture correction PEDS & pregnancy
• low overhead practice, Immunization – state laws
• posture neurology, safety, statistics, chiropractic stroke

Seminar 2:
2011 CA Board Approved: (CA-A-1 0-1 0-5254)
“The Clinical Paperless Practice, Evidence Based Nutrition with Advanced 4 Hours Technique.”

• 2009 High Tech act compliance, 3D consultation
• H2O myths, cleansing, proper nutrition
• Advanced posture correction, trauma, translations, scoliosis

(949) 707-5785 or (949) 858-7773
Cell: (949)874-2225
Fax: (949) 707-5471

* California, Washington, Nevada and Hawaii Board Approved *

Early Bird Special: $149.00
15 days prior to Seminar – NO EXCEPTIONS!

D.C.’s $169.00 (Includes Notes)
Students with Picture ID $75.00 (Includes Notes)
Spouse or Non D.C. Staff $75.00 (Includes Notes)
Technique Only $99.00
Refresher Doctor $139.00 (Includes Notes)

D.C.’s $199.00 + Notes 20.00 = $219.00 TOTAL
Students, Spouse, Non D.C. Staff $100.00
Technique Only $150.00
Refresher D.C. $169.00 + $20.00 Notes

Look For Us…
July 21, 2011 (Thurs.) at Santa Barbara, CA
Best Western South Coast Inn
5620 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117 (805) 967-3200

July 28,2011 (thurs.) at Los Angeles, CA
La Quinta Inn & Suites
5249 W. Century Blvd., los Angeles, CA 90045 (310) 645-2200

August 18, 2011 (Thurs.) at Ventura, CA
Holiday Inn Express
1080 Navigator Dr, Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 658-1212

Ask About 2 Seminar Special Price

call (949) 707-5785
Pre-registration form “All in One” Seminar * call (949) 858-7773

August 18, 2011 (Seminar 1) Ventura
Holiday Inn Express
1080 Navigator Drive, Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 856-9533

August 11, 2011 (Seminar 2) Ontario
La Quinta Inn & Suites Ontario Airport
3555 Inland Empire Blvd., Ontario, CA 91764
(909) 476-1112

August 25, 2011 (Seminar 1) Orange County
Best Western Orange County Airport
2700 Hotel Terrace Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705
(800) 432-0053

September 8, 2011 (Seminar 2) Oakland
Days Hotel Oakland Airport
8350 Edes Ave, Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 568-1880

2011 Seminar dates and locations – seminars start at 8:00am sharp. check-in @ 7:30am

Note: As with all events posted to the blog, to the news, and even on the seminars pages, it’s always best for chiropractors to contact those putting on seminars directly, in order to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Reno Nevada Three Nations Plaza

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s only March, but since we were springing forward today for daylight savings time, I got reminded that summer is quickly on its way. Just got back from a conference I was at all week in Austin Texas and the week before I was researching parking rates in Las Vegas. There are two potential chiro conferences on my calendar for April and May, but I know that in June I’ll be going to Reno Nevada for sure. June 10th is the CCA Reno Annual Convention.

WalmartWalmart Reno – So why a photo of Wal-Mart? This year’s conference is at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno (same place as it was in 2010). When I was there in June last year, the Walmart at Three Nations Plaza was still under construction. When I visited in December of 2010, the super store was open for business. I walked over from the hotel, and bought more stuff than I had anticipated, the place was great.

I love visiting places where customer service is top notch. Maybe it was because the store was brand-new, but the employees working that day had a great attitude, something I love experiencing (as a small business owner I enjoy seeing how others do service).

at chiropractic yellowI also took this self photograph of my yellow T-shirt during that same trip last June. A group of chiropractors had chartered a bus to go from Orange County California to Reno Nevada, which sounded like it was a great fellowship experience, but I decided to grab a flight on Alaska Airlines. I usually fly either Alaska or Southwest to Reno, depending on who’s got good flight times and rates available.

Reno Biggest Little City In the WorldReno The Biggest Little City In The World – Weather for the 2010 event was spectacular in Reno, but when I was there in December it was a bit chilly for running outdoors (at least for my Southern California blood it was). I’m hoping the weather in June is as nice as it was last year, since I’m planning on staying an extra day to do a 12 or 15 mile run through downtown Reno. It’s a great way to work off beer and steaks.

Jeweled Cowgirl BeltJeweled Cowgirl Belt at GSR – The Grand Sierra is a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. Besides the convention center, the casino, and the indoor restaurants, there is a concert hall and lots of other attractions on the property. I love that there is a Starbucks inside the hotel, and some of the restaurants are pretty good too (I really like Johnny Rockets for shakes and burgers).

There is a big country bar just off the casino floor (near the entrance to the concert hall) and the hotel is very close to the airport. You could walk to the downtown Reno area (visit Harrah’s while you’re there) but you may want to take a cab if you’re not up for about a 5 mile round-trip walk.

If you’re planning to go to the event for practice relicensing for the states of California, Nevada, or Arizona, let me know you’ll be in town. Looking forward to catching up with others in the field. And also look forward to being back at the Grand Sierra Resort. Great choice for the conference (imo).

American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists Las Vegas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Among the dozens of chiropractic postcards I receive at my office each week, there was one the other day for a clinical chiropractic seminar taking place in Las Vegas. The American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists is presenting their Clinical Update 2011 on April 28-30, at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.

American College Chiropractic Orthopedists

The above photograph of the postcard I received has information for registering online, as well as a phone number for the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. If you’re going to this event, don’t forget room rates are only available until April 6 (highlighted in red).

The other side of the card mentions a few brief things about the clinical conference. Looks like there is a lower seminar registration fee from in the past (which includes two lunches and two breakfasts), there are excellent Vegas Hotel rates ( the lowest they’ve had in many years), and there is a 5% discount for members of NCMIC.

I will be in Las Vegas earlier that week (non-chiropractic conference), but I won’t be attending the clinical event, still I wanted to post the information. It’s not necessarily the type of chiropractic event you’d typically find me attending, but I’ve found over the years, it’s better to the information out there, and let chiropractors make choices on which continuing education and chiropractic seminars they want to attend.

For seminar registration fees, check with the ACCO, since that information isn’t on the card. I’ve mentioned at least a few times before, that I love Las Vegas for conferences (mostly because of the ease of getting to from Los Angeles), and if you happen to be a chiropractor going to Las Vegas at the end of April, this gives you one more reason to do so.

Sorry the photograph isn’t of the greatest quality. If you cannot read the address for the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedics because of the excessive light, it is 653 Main St., Melrose, MA 02176.