Chiropractic Success Strategies for 2009

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Every year it seems as though there’s more chiropractic seminars appearing on the calendars. Something I’m noticing in the past two years as an increase in seminars that are not only marketed towards chiropractors, but are open to acupuncturists, orthopedic surgeons, physical medicine practitioners, massage therapists, naturapaths, yoga instructors, fitness instructors, personal injury attorneys, and other industries. Maybe that’s been the case all along, but I’m thinking more seminar groups are branching out in order to better fill the rooms with groups of mixed health-care professionals (rather than provide education for a single industry).

scu-chiropractic-success-strategies-2009One of the postcards that just appeared on my desk yesterday was from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. They are hosting 2009 license renewal seminars for doctors of chiropractic. Dates on the card include January, April, September, and December, and it looks like all seminars will take place at the SCU campus which is located at 16200 East Amber Valley drive, Whittier California 90604.

Here are some details from the SCU postcard…

Chiropractic Success Strategies… Your practice is ever evolving with new treatment techniques, therapies and scientific research to help you enhance your patient’s health. Learn these methods and how to develop business practices to improve your bottom line.

Register NOW on-line: or call 562.902.3379

Seminar Location:  SCU Whittier Campus
16200 E. Amber Valley Dr., Whittier, CA 90604

Program Highlights
• 4 hours technique (applied for)
• Learn to treat herniated cervical & lumbar discs, frozen shoulders & hips, head & jaw pain, chronic foot pain and more!
• Learn the latest research on how lasers and adjustments modulate the central nervous system
• Light Force mobilization, laser therapy, soft tissue therapies, athletic/kinetic taping, exercise therapy and nutrition
• Learn to treat acute and chronic spine and sports injuries, chronic pain, acute and chronic subluxations and soft tissue trauma
• Learn how to gently adjust chronic atlas, rib and sacroilia subluxations
• Learn how to develop a cash practice and improve your bottom line

Instructor: Curtis Turchin, DC, MA, speaker, clinician, and author.

The Southern California University of Health Sciences is one of four schools in the state of California providing Doctor of Chiropractic education programs. If you’re looking to attend chiropractic school in Southern California, SCU is one of your two choices. These continuing education courses are being taught on the same campus as the DC program. I believe SCU also offers a program in Acupuncture as well. Check with the school for more information.