Chiropractor New Patient Mastery Training San Diego June 2018

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s New Patient Season!

The California Chiropractic Association is hosting a Patient Mastery Training in San Diego on June 8th and 9th,2018. Visit Planet Chiropractic Events for all listed upcoming events.

Info that follows is from the CCA:

New Patient Mastery

Chiropractor New Patient Mastery Training San Diego June 8-9th,2018.

You change patients’ lives every day and you deserve to be paid and recognized for it.

At the upcoming Patient Mastery Training in San Diego You’ll Learn to Become the Most Referred To, Sought After and Respected Doctor in Your Town This Year.

There are too many people in your community who deserve your care…
Who don’t know what you do or what Chiropractic is…

Let’s fix this.

The Patient Mastery live training will give you this in 2 days with the highest converting new patient consult and recommendations in Chiropractic without feeling like a salesperson in practice.

Secure Your Early Bird Rate (call Jenna at 309-269-2556 to register) for Patient Mastery Training in San Diego June 8-9th. [Training rate increases May 1st]

After the training weekend you’re guaranteed to have:

1. The Most Powerful Patient-Centered Consult in Chiropractic:

– You’ll create an experience with patients they’ve never had with a doctor before

– Never feel like a scripted robot or say anything you wouldn’t say to a family member

2. The HIGHEST Converting Recommendations Conversation:

– Pure inspiration leading your new patients to invest in your care and tell others about you

– No pressure, fear tactics or ever feeling like a salesperson to patients

3. The Smartest Way to Recommend Care Never Taught to Chiropractors Before:

– Your patients will understand and now refer far more immediately

– They’ll start up and invest in your care easier

– It will be 100% congruent to you and your care protocols no matter your technique

There’s nothing more important today to practice success than your new patient process.

When over 90% of your new patients say YES to you and pay happily for your care even after they thought insurance was going to cover it… Practice FEELS GREAT.

You’ll learn what to do to be the doctor your new patients want to invest in and talk about.

You have the ability to get the highest converting and ethical consult available to DCs. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Hundreds of doctors in 18 countries have used Patient Mastery for creating and growing a practice they love showing up to every day.

It’s your turn as Dr. Wagner comes to San Diego June 8-9th, 2018.

Reserve Your Seat Before Early Bird rate ends May 1st: Patient Mastery 2 Day Training San Diego June 6-8th.


You can call Jenna at 309-269-2556 to register over the phone and get questions answered.

There’s an attendee only Hotel Republic rate available for a number of DCs [169/night].

Staff are encouraged to bring and have private training breakouts throughout the weekend.