Core Pasadena Chiropractic 2012 Schedule February March April


C.O.R.E. refers to the idea that if we can put our differences aside, and unite on our strengths, then we are one step away from impacting and area and two steps away from impacting our profession and a sick care system that is failing. While we agree with the first couple of lines, we’re not sure about impacting all chiropractors so we will start with a C.O.R.E.!

But we believe it won’t take much to tip the profession, and we in the San Gabriel Valley feel as if it isn’t too far from happening with C.O.R.E.’s popping up nationwide. We are committed to making a difference. We’ve been trying to prove that it’s not the quantity of chiropractors coming together but the quality of chiropractors coming together that will make the biggest difference.

The C.O.R.E. group drives home the idea that we are all connected to accomplish something great in a profession we love. It has been our hope since C.O.R.E. was launched in August 2003, that C.O.R.E. will be more than just a generic organization, rather a force for good, by bringing social conscious to social/professional networking while building a foundation toward becoming the premiere organization in chiropractic while working with established organizations within our profession. We look forward to your involvement.

RSVP by contacting Dr. Dennis Buckley at 626-991-8877.

Location: Health Advantage Health & Wellness Center
1450 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104 626-798-7805

nerves subluxationsUNITED WE STAND IN 2012

Raising the bar to establish the most successful leadership in the profession
Empowering and equipping Doctors of Chiropractic
Philosophy Based Chiropractic

February 23rd – Dr. Liam Schubel – Puerto Rico, South America and New Jersey

March 22nd – Dr. Jeff Spencer – Tour de France and Pasadena

April 26th – Dr. Jay Morgan – Austin Texas


Why the C.O.R.E. philosophy?

The C.O.R.E. of our philosophy is established as an avenue for doctors to come together for increased camaraderie among chiropractors with a chance to network, and an opportunity to revitalize your enthusiasm and excitement for chiropractic.

Put these dates in your calendar and make CORE your monthly adjustment above the atlas to clear your mind and connect to your potential.

With the speakers coming far and near, the expenses to put on CORE need subsidy so a $20 per doctor is asked and as usual students are FREE!

Thank you for your participation and kind words over the past 3 years of putting on CORE.