Chiropractors On The Radio

Many chiropractors throughout the United States and the rest of the world regularly host radio and/or cable television programs that feature various chiropractic topics.

Thanks to the internet and streaming technology, several of those broadcasts are available for listening via your computer. A program known as “Waking Up in America” is one such program and it features regular Monday morning content from chiropractor Dr. Jeff Ptak.

The Monday morning program, which is hosted by, Valerie Anne Kirkgaard, M.A., is described as “Talk Radio for the New Millennium.” The weekly show is broadcast on Monday morning at 7am PST / 8am MST / 10am EST via station KNFX 1100AM in Phoenix, Arizona.

Valerie Anne Kirkgaard is a skydiving, olympic torch bearer, mother of two, who would “rather jump out of planes than be intimidated by fear.” According to the program credits, Valerie lives each moment of her life in action, pushing each envelope to get the most out of life.

Dr. Jeff is a regular on the show and so far, the chiropractic content I have heard has been great. You can visit the program website at: and you can click here to listen to the internet radio broadcast.

* Remember, this is a live broadcast so you want to check and see what time is right for you before clicking on the link. A Windows Media Player will appear and will ask you to register although there is no need to.

Here is the radio link:

Planet Chiropractic is compiling a list of chiropractic radio shows and cable television shows that are hosted by, or include guest appearances by chiropractors. We would like to hear from you!

If you host a radio or cable television show or if you know of a chiropractic hosted radio or cable television show please let us know.

E-mail us at [email protected] and include as much information as you have available. For example, the name of the D.C., the name of the radio or cable show, the city and/or state the radio show is broadcast from, etc…

After we have collected the information Planet Chiropractic will compile a list of links, times and topics of available chiropractic radio, cable and/or Internet broadcasts that you and your patients can listen to. @ 2:20 am | Article ID: 985602019